Terufumi Kiriyama is dating Maiko Kano, who was ridiculed as a “woman with a scent”… Terufumi Kiriyama: Why people say “It might work out unexpectedly” after marriage | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Terufumi Kiriyama is dating Maiko Kano, who was ridiculed as a “woman with a scent”… Terufumi Kiriyama: Why people say “It might work out unexpectedly” after marriage

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Kiriyama will turn 35 this August. It may be time for him to make a big decision. ……

The marriage of Tsuyoshi Domoto of “KinKi Kids” and Natsunako Momota of “Momoiro Clover Z” has created a stir about the “marriage talk” of the Kansai group, which should be said to be Domoto’s immediate juniors.

The only unmarried person in the former Johnny’s office who is more senior than “KinKi Kids” is Matsuoka Masahiro of “TOKIO. Domoto Tsuyoshi, who should be considered the top of the Kansai group, is married, and Domoto Koichi was reportedly in a serious relationship with actress Sato Megumi last February. If Tsuyoshi and Koichi follow in their footsteps, it is said that the next person who is likely to reach the goal line is Terufumi Kiriyama (34) of WEST.

Kiriyama’s partner is Maiko Kano, a former volleyball player.

Speaking of Ms. Kano, there have been rumors for many years that she might be the girlfriend of Shohei Otani. However, I was surprised to hear that she had actually been dating Kiriyama for more than three years, using it as a cover. It was surprising to hear that it was actually Kiriyama who had been dating her for more than three years, using it as a “cover.

The two met in the “World Cup Volleyball” (Fuji TV) broadcast in 2007. WEST.” was a special supporter of the tournament and Kano was a guest commentator.

Kiriyama-kun said he prefers taller women, and Kano-san told me a few months ago that he had met Kiriyama-kun on “Odoru, Sanma Goten” (Dance, Sanma, Goten)! Sanma Goten‼ (Nippon Television) just a few months ago and said, “I like funny people. In addition, their social networking sites showed the same curtains, and their fans were concerned that they were “smelling” each other.

The marriage of Tsuyoshi Domoto and Natsunako Momota has been highly praised, partly because there was no such “scent” and partly because the reason for their relationship and the duration of their relationship have not been revealed.

The two have been idols for many years, and there are many fans who are saddened by their marriage. In order to ease their shock as much as possible, we are only announcing the fact that they are getting married. It is said that they will not talk about their private lives in the future. The announcement is so considerate of the fans that it is likely to draw support from them,” said a senior executive at a well-established entertainment agency.

On the other hand, in the case of Kiriyama and Kano, there was no end to the outcry of “Please, please stop! In contrast, in the case of Kiriyama and Kano, the voices of “Please, please stop” and “I can’t do this anymore!

Compared to the former Johnny’s office, “SMILE UP.” has been more lenient about dating women, but even so, Kano’s future behavior is still a concern for his fans, as his “smelling” of her is too noticeable. However, an acquaintance of Kiriyama’s assures us, “If they really do get married, I think the chemistry is perfect.

Kiriyama’s good-naturedness and cheerfulness, which are peculiar to Kansai people, are top-notch among the members. He is also a great singer and has emerged as a musical actor in the past few years. His work ethic is completely athletic, and he is known to lead a rather stoic lifestyle in general.

Ms. Kano is an athlete who has experience representing Japan in volleyball, as she is known to say. She says, ‘I like interesting people,’ and the two of them have perfect chemistry. If she can support Kiriyama, I don’t think he could have a more reassuring wife.

The wife of the former freelance announcer married to Kazuya Ninomiya of “Arashi” was famous as a “smelly woman,” but after marriage she gave up her career and work to become a “normal woman. On the other hand, there are, of course, concerns.

“It is hard to believe that Kano, who currently appears to be just a ‘starter,’ will become a ‘regular woman’ after her marriage to Kiriyama, and her smelling habit will not be easily corrected,” said a source at an entertainment agency.

We will have to keep our eyes on the two in the future.

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