Tokui and Shimasa are eagerly awaiting the return of Hitoshi Matsumoto, and they are also looking forward to his return..! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tokui and Shimasa are eagerly awaiting the return of Hitoshi Matsumoto, and they are also looking forward to his return..!

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Koyabu visiting the training hall

What will the big-name comedians who gathered one after another have to say about the absence of Matsumoto?

On March 27, Yoshimoto Kogyo held a compliance training session for its talent.

Yu Shinagawa also participated in the training at the venue.

He said, “The training session was attended by about 1,600 talents, including those online. Not only young comedians, but also successful talents such as Chiyutaka Koyabu (50), Akira Ishida (44) of “NON STYLE” and Mogura Suzuki (36) of “KUKI KAIDAN” participated. At the workshop, the participants were warned about inappropriate postings on SNS and sexual acts with the opposite sex without consent,” said a sports newspaper reporter in charge of entertainment.

Needless to say, the background to the discussion of “sexual acts with the opposite sex without consent” is Matsumoto Hitoshi’s (60) sexual assault problem. It has been about three months since his suspension, and it seems that he is still preparing for his comeback.

Matsumoto seems to be motivated to make a comeback during his hiatus, and Yoshimoto would like to encourage him to do so. Most of the junior comedians are also looking forward to Matsumoto’s return. Although many TV stations are having a hard time making a decision, Yoshimoto wants to do whatever it takes to make Matsumoto’s return a reality.

Shimasa of “New York” responds to this magazine’s direct interview.

The day before the workshop, Matsumoto updated X (formerly Twitter) for the first time in 76 days. He wrote his thoughts to his fans. What do the junior comedians think about the legend’s return? This magazine directly interviewed the comedians at the end of the workshop. The first to respond was Kazuya Shimasa (37) of “New York.

–Did you see Mr. Matsumoto’s post?

I did.

–How did you feel about it?


–What do you think of Mr. Matsumoto’s first trial tomorrow?

“Well, I can’t say.

–Do you want Matsumoto-san to come back?

Of course I do! I want her to come back.

Tokui did not talk about the Matsumoto issue.

The magazine also directly interviewed Yoshimi Tokui (48) of “Tutorial,” but he simply replied , “Please go through the office.

Will the day of his return, long awaited by both fans and junior comedians, ever come?

Takahiro Ogata of “Panther” at the venue
Akira Ishida of “NON STYLE” was also present.
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