Anjush Watabe Ken and Masahiro Higashide, who “fell in 2020,” “struck back” from the “adultery scandal. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anjush Watabe Ken and Masahiro Higashide, who “fell in 2020,” “struck back” from the “adultery scandal.

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Ken Watabe (left) and Masahiro Higashide (right) held a press conference to apologize for their affair in 2008.

Un-jash” actor Ken Watanabe is on the road to recovery after his hiatus due to the affair.

TV personality Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, whose name has been mentioned at every opportunity during his absence, mentioned Watabe’s financial situation in his radio program “SUNDAY NIGHT DREAMER” broadcast on April 16. He talked about the “earning power” of a comedian.

He said, “If you want, you can say the same thing about Watabe-san. He doesn’t appear on TV, but he is making a lot of money from wedding sales, company sales, and so on. I know you think I’ve shut down Mr. Watanabe, but I haven’t.”

He revealed, “I’m not sealed up.

Watabe published his book, “Superlative Conversation Skills,” in November of last year. At the time, some said, “Who would buy it?

As for his hosting of weddings and other events, he was also ridiculed at the time, saying, “Who would ask me to do that?

He was always good at running the show,” Ariyoshi said. But when he opened the door, the show was a success, so Watanabe’s strategy won out. It must be his business sense.

Mr. Watabe, who used to be a quick-witted character, has now become a character to be teased, and he uses himself as a joke to get laughs as a host,” says a source in the comedy industry.

Although it is still a hurdle for him to appear on terrestrial TV programs, his “Watabe times” on Abema TV’s “Chance no Jikan (Time of Opportunity),” which is hosted by the comedy duo Chidori, have been very well received. The YouTube videos of the entire episode have received an astonishing number of views.

One of the comedy insiders mentioned above said

Comedians say that it is thanks to Chidori’s “skill. That show presented us with Watabe-san’s “tricks” (instruction manual). I think there will be more cases in the future where Mr. Watanabe will be used as a “secret ingredient” in various programs.

He also pointed out that “I think there will be more cases of using Mr. Watanabe as a ‘secret ingredient’ in various programs.

Watanabe’s wife, Nozomi Sasaki, is pregnant with their second child. Watanabe has been refusing to work late into the night to raise his child.

After paying off the penalty for the affair, the couple’s earnings have been rising steadily. Mr. Watanabe, who had previously prioritized work, has transformed into a “workaholic. The scandal brought them down to the bottom, but they have climbed back up from there, and now their home life seems to be in just the right balance.

Like Watabe, actor Masahiro Higashide has also fallen to the bottom of the heap due to his adulterous affair.

He and his wife Anne divorced early and their three children left for France with Anne. There, Higashide set his sights on the “mountains.

He became certified as a hunter and now spends most of his time in the mountains near the Kanto region with animals. He has always had a keen interest in animal life.

He has been working as a private contractor, and is actually a hidden “popular actor. The movie “Winny,” in which he starred, was released in March and became a hit, and a sequel to the popular drama series “Confidence Man JP” is scheduled for next year or later.

What is most enviable is that he lives a life free from the hustle and bustle of urban life, a stressful society, and social changes caused by AI such as chat GPT.

Higashide appeared on the YouTube video “PIVOT Official Channel” released on April 10, and confessed his current lifestyle. About his life in the mountains

There are no hassles. I’m busy, so I don’t have to think about peer pressure, or ‘Mookie, why are you all here?

He also said that the dizzying progress of AI is “extremely scary” but that “I’m going backwards and saying, ‘Oh my God, why are you all here?

I think I’m going to go against the grain and think, ‘What is generosity? I think that convenience does not necessarily mean affluence.

He said crisply, “I’m afraid of things.

Ken Watanabe and Masahiro Higashide. Both fell from the height of their popularity in 2008, but it gave them a chance to reevaluate themselves and they seem to be leading more fulfilling lives, both physically and mentally, than they were before the scandal. ……

  • PHOTO Yasuko Sakaguchi (Watabe) and Afro (Higashide)

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