Tsuyoshi Domoto and Yuichi Nakamaru Announce Their Surprise Marriage! Who Will be the Next Johnny’s Member to Get Married | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tsuyoshi Domoto and Yuichi Nakamaru Announce Their Surprise Marriage! Who Will be the Next Johnny’s Member to Get Married

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From left to right, Kiriyama, Kamenashi, and Koyama were reported to be in love and about to get married during this year-end and New Year holidays. In addition to them, there are more “marriage reserves” ……

On January 16, Yuichi Nakamaru (40) of KAT-TUN, a member of SMILE-UP (former Johnny’s), announced his marriage to Rina Sasazaki (31), a former NTV announcer, on their official website.

On the 11th, Tsuyoshi Domoto (44) of “KinKi Kids” also reported his marriage to Natsunako Momota (29) of the four-member idol group Momoiro Clover Z (Momoiro Clover Z) in a jointly signed document.

The media was completely unaware of Nakamaru and Sasazaki. It is also surprising that Tsuyoshi and Momota’s relationship with each other did not become a rumor, but they secretly nurtured their love and made it to the goal line. Kinki and Momokuro have large support groups of female and male fans, respectively. Nonetheless, they easily announced their marriage, and fans are in a congratulatory mood.

In particular, if the founder, Janie Kitagawa, and her sister, Mary Kitagawa, were still alive, they would not have been allowed to get married or even have a relationship. In fact, when “FRIDAY” reported the love affair between Tsuyoshi and actress Sayaka Yamaguchi (43) in 2001, the office did not even comment, saying, “No comment. The old Johnny’s has changed under the new system, but the “tolerance” for the private lives of its talents has changed drastically.

As evidence of this, on New Year’s Day of this year, there was a succession of reports of love affairs with the assumption of marriage among the former Johnny’s talents.

Among those not previously disclosed were reports of the love affairs of Kazuya Kamenashi (37) of “KAT-TUN” and freelance announcer Minami Tanaka (37), and of Keiichiro Koyama (39) of “NEWS” and Minako Uno (37) of “AAA”. In addition to this, Terushi Kiriyama (34) of “West.” and Maiko Kano (35), a member of the Japanese women’s volleyball team, who had already been reported to be in a relationship, have also reportedly decided to get married, and all of them are considered to be in the preliminary stages of marriage.

If it had been last year, for example, we would not have been able to publish such an article. “If it had been last year, for example, we would not have been able to publish such an article. People in the know are surprised at the drastic change to a “talent first” policy since the new company, STARTO, was formed, which would have been unthinkable with the old Johnny’s.” (TV station insider)

Tsuyoshi’s partner, Koichi Domoto (45), was reportedly in love for 10 years with actress Megumi Sato (39), who belongs to the same agency as Momota, in February of last year. The year ahead is likely to bring an unprecedented “marriage rush” of former Johnny’s talents, according to a report.

Matsuoka Masahiro (47), the only bachelor among the three TOKIO members, has been living with his girlfriend for 18 years this year and is in a de facto marriage. It may be time for him to put his affairs in order. Tadayoshi Okura (38) of “Kanjani Eight” and actress Alice Hirose (29) are also frequently mentioned in the list of “celebrities who are likely to get married. Furthermore, Hiroki Arioka (32) of “Hey! Say! JUMP” was reported last June to be in a seven-year relationship with actress Mayu Matsuoka (28), and last year “FRIDAY” reported on solo actor Yuma Nakayama (30) and his older girlfriend of nine years. There must be more than a few talents belonging to the company whose relationships have not yet been discovered.

In the old days of Johnny’s, it was “tacit understanding” that love and marriage were not allowed in the office, and when they were discovered, fans would vehemently criticize and rebel, and it was normal for them to leave. But that was a long time ago. Recently, fans have begun to congratulate the marriages of their favorites, and it is likely that in the next two to three years, all of the celebrities whose relationships are known to the public will get married.

Perhaps the most surprised by this change in the situation are the celebrities themselves who have been reported to be in relationships.

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Both Kamenashi and Tanaka’s offices confirmed their relationship, saying, “We are getting along well.
Koyama (rightmost in the photo), who was found to be dating Uno of “AAA” last April, was also reported to be “getting married within the year.
Kiriyama was reported to be “getting married within the year” with Maiko Kano. His instagram was sometimes flamed for “smelling” her too much.
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