Celebrating the marriage of Tsuyoshi Domoto of “KinKi Kids” and Momokuro Momota seven years before their debut, this magazine saw their “passionate love”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating the marriage of Tsuyoshi Domoto of “KinKi Kids” and Momokuro Momota seven years before their debut, this magazine saw their “passionate love”.

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Tsuyoshi Domoto on location for “The Disaster of Aiken Rocinante” (NTV), March ’01.

Tsuyoshi Domoto (44) of “KinKi Kids” and Natsunako Momota (29) of “Momoiro Clover Z” announced their marriage on January 11.

The couple jointly wrote in their joint names, “We wish for peace in the world, and with gratitude for our present time, we would like to live each day with cherish. I sincerely pray that everyone’s hearts will be at peace. They also made a report to their respective fans.

The two have never been rumored to be in love, nor have there been any “hints” of a relationship. The 15-year age difference between the two has been a source of both surprise and celebration throughout Japan. No one expected this couple to be together, but it seems that they have had many opportunities to perform together on music and variety shows.

Momokuro” first appeared on “Domoto Bros.” (Fuji TV) in February 2012, when “KinKi Kids” was the MC of the show. In particular, “Momo Kuro” appeared as a guest on “KinKi Kids’ Boom Boom” (Fuji TV) many times, and the two Kinki members were in a relaxed and excited mood at those times. Tsuyoshi also provided songs to Momo Kuro, so in retrospect, they had a lot of contact with each other.

Although Tsuyoshi and Momota have never been associated with gossip, this magazine once reported on Tsuyoshi’s love affair in 2001, long before Momo Kuro was formed in 2008.

Walking along a quiet residential street in Tokyo in the early morning of March, when it was still cold, was a suspicious figure with a hat and scarf wrapped around his head to hide his face. He was strangely stylish, and the beauty of his legs wrapped around his jeans was stunning. The person in question was actually Sayaka Yamaguchi, 43, an actress who was active in variety shows and as a singer at the time. This magazine witnessed her “going home in the morning” after visiting Tsuyoshi’s house the night before. In addition to this day, this magazine also witnessed Yamaguchi visiting Tsuyoshi’s house several times. However, perhaps because “KinKi Kids” was already a top idol at that time, Tsuyoshi did not visit Yamaguchi’s house.

Tsuyoshi and Yamaguchi, along with Tomosakae (44), were high school classmates and had been good friends since their school days, which apparently led to a relationship. At that time, about five years had passed since they started dating, and they had already introduced their relationship to Tsuyoshi’s mother and sister. However, they were both very busy and had many conflicts, and they seemed to get together and break up several times, but eventually, before they knew it, they broke up.

(Entertainment reporter) For more than 20 years after that, Tsuyoshi was never reported to be in a relationship.

It is said that Tsuyoshi was the one who suffered the most from Mr. Janney’s sexual assault problem that occurred last year. Tsuyoshi has long been the “speakeasy” most looked up to by Mr. Janney, and he has been granted a number of “special exceptions. When Mr. Janney passed away in 2007, Tsuyoshi publicly declared his love for him, commenting, “I kissed Mr. Janney on the forehead to say goodbye.

After the September press conference failed and the issue of sexual assault finally became unresolved, his partner, Koichi Domoto, made a comment criticizing the sexual assault and parting with his feelings for Mr. Janney, but Tsuyoshi remained silent. That is how much Mr. Janney was his emotional support. He could not turn his palm back now, could he? This led to a wave of concern about Tsuyoshi’s departure and the breakup of “KinKi Kids.

I would like to congratulate them on their marriage.

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Yamaguchi appears in a residential area in the early morning. It would be quite a surprise if a stranger saw him (March ’01).
In February, she visited Tsuyoshi’s house in this disguise and returned home after a few minutes (March ’01).
Momota was a teenager when she met Tsuyoshi, but before she knew it, she had become such a beautiful older woman (August ’22).
At a Harper’s BAZAAR event (October ’23)
The two members of KinKi at the rehearsal of Kohaku in 2004.
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