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Tsuyoshi Domoto and Natsunako Momota Marriage Report Influence on Divided Fans Reaction of ZOZO Collaboration Products

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Tsuyoshi Domoto (left) of “KinKi Kids” announces his marriage.

On January 11, Tsuyoshi Domoto of KinKi Kids announced his marriage to Natsunako Momota of the idol group Momoiro Clover Z. The couple, who have never been rumored to have had a bad relationship, have been called a “no-scandal marriage” and have received a string of congratulatory messages. However, Domoto’s fans, who were puzzled by the sudden marriage, made a “small resistance” by canceling their orders of related goods.

Domoto and Momota have worked together in the past on the KinKi Kids shows “Shindomoto Bros.” and “KinKi Kids no Boom Boom” (Fuji TV). In 2004, Domoto provided Momoiro Clover Z with the song “Momoiro Sora” (Pink Zora), and at the time he visited the recording site and directed the song himself. Even though they had a friendly relationship, there had never been any talk of a relationship between the two, and their marriage must have been a surprise to fans on both sides.

The public was in a congratulatory mood, but of course, KinKi Kids has long been a beloved idol group, and while many people on social media were saying “congratulations” and wishing them happiness, there were probably many who were quietly in shock. Fans with such mixed feelings were not very positive about “paying” for Domoto-related products.

Domoto is also active as a solo artist under the name “.ENDRECHERI. In March 2010, he launched his original brand “.ENDRECHERI. x ZOZO” in collaboration with fashion shopping site ZOZO, and 14 new items, including long T-shirts and socks, were produced. Since the order sales period was announced to be from December 19 last year to January 9 this year, his marriage was revealed after the reception of the Domoto-produced products was closed.

Then, some fans on social networking sites started to ask

(A former entertainment writer wrote: “If you have any doubts about dropping money on the ZOZO collaboration, you can cancel it by contacting the customer support center! I had mine all cancelled.

[Claire] I contacted ZOZO and they were able to handle the cancellation. I’m sorry to say that it was for our convenience, but I just couldn’t do it because of how I felt. ……

It’s not a cheap purchase, and it would be a waste not to use the product with my feelings still blurred. They cancelled the order when I told them what had happened.

I know that this product is filled with many people’s thoughts and feelings, but …… I can’t use it even if I receive it, and it will only make me feel worse, so I cancelled my purchase of the ZOZO collaboration.

There were only a few reports such as “I cancelled my purchase of ZOZO’s collaboration. Whether or not he actually cancelled the purchase, only he knows the truth, but it may be that he was so emotionally damaged.

On the other hand, there were some negative reactions to the cancellation, considering the fans who posted such information on SNS to be “selfish.

Information on Domoto’s collaborative products is posted on the X (formerly Twitter) account under the name “[Official] Tsuyoshi Domoto’s Tsuyoshi P.” On August 8, the account posted the following message: “Collaboration sales end tomorrow at 11:59 pm.

On the 8th, the account announced that the collaboration would be on sale until 11:59 p.m. tomorrow and that the site would be busy right before the end of the sale, so it is recommended to purchase the items well in advance. We will be selling them again. The period for accepting applications is from noon on January 16 to 11:59 pm on February 6, which is quite a generous schedule.

The official X of “ZOZOTOWN” also advertised, “Due to popular demand, we have decided to resell the items. “The official X of ‘ZOZOTOWN’ also advertised, ‘Due to popular demand, we will be reselling the item again. The re-release at this time means there must have been a lot of cancellations,” “Maybe there were people who cancelled the product and that’s why it was re-released? Some people wrote that they thought that ZOZO was in the situation.

However, going back to ’22, when the collaboration item was developed, it seems that the re-release was also conducted, so it cannot be said to be an aftermath of the marriage announcement. In contrast to those who publicly announced their intention to cancel the collaboration, the dedicated Domoto fans were enthusiastic, saying they would buy additional items in lieu of a congratulatory gift.

Even if their love for Domoto has cooled down as a result of the marriage, there would be no crime in the collaborative product. We hope that those who purchased the products will use them with pride.

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