Why Tsuyoshi Domoto’s marriage to Momokuro’s Momota was “unnoticed” more than 20 years ago. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why Tsuyoshi Domoto’s marriage to Momokuro’s Momota was “unnoticed” more than 20 years ago.

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Tsuyoshi Domoto (left) of “KinKi Kids” made an unexpected marriage announcement. What does his partner, Koichi Domoto, think? ……(’16)

I never thought I’d get married. I didn’t expect him to get married. ……

The reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports newspaper expressed his surprise.

The “KinKi Kids” Domoto Tsuyoshi and Natsunako Momota of the idol group Momoiro Clover Z reported their marriage jointly on January 11.

We are pleased to announce that Tsuyoshi Domoto and Natsunako Momota have gotten married.

The announcement was made under their joint names. He continued

Wishing for peace in the world, we would like to live each and every day with gratitude for our present time. I pray from the bottom of my heart that everyone’s hearts will be at peace, even if only a little.

I pray from the bottom of my heart that everyone’s hearts will be at peace.

Their relationship was not so well known that the reporter mentioned above could not help but raise his voice.

Looking back, the song “Momoiro Sora” released by Momo Kuro in 2004 was written and composed by Tsuyoshi. Although the two had some contact with each other through their collaboration on “KinKi Kids’ Boom Boom” (Fuji TV), no one paid any attention to them because they did not sense any female shadow from Tsuyoshi.

His project under another name, “Endri Kelly,” expresses a creative view of the world. His fashion was also unique and had the air of an artist. According to a TV station official who knows Tsuyoshi, he is “cool and cool” when it comes to love.

He himself professes to be shy and is a quiet person in the field. On the other hand, several years ago on a regional location, he brought his own camera and took a lot of landscape photos during breaks. At that time, instead of pointing the camera upward to capture the blue sky, the camera was pointed downward all the time.

I pointed the camera at roadside ditches and the Dob River and clicked the shutter constantly (laughs). (Laughs.) Since I had the image of not knowing what he was thinking, I thought on my own that he would never get married, but I guess I was mistaken.

The Internet is talking about an exchange they had in ’18 when they co-starred in the aforementioned Fuji TV program. When Tsuyoshi said

I want to eat my beloved wife’s lunch box!”
I’ll kiss you every day!

and “I’ll kiss you every day,” Momota replied

Do we have to kiss every day?
We can live in separate rooms.

Momota was cool with the story, saying, “Why do we have to kiss every day?

Tsuyoshi’s comments are for TV. In reality, he is more suited to the cool, cold type like Momota. Momota is about 15 years younger than Tsuyoshi, but I think he is rolling with Tsuyoshi.

Speaking of Tsuyoshi, he was rumored to be romantically involved with actress Tomosaka Rie, with whom he co-starred in the NTV drama “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” (The Case Files of Kindaichi Boy), which was his breakthrough work in the past, and Tomosaka took to Instagram to express her feelings about Tsuyoshi’s marriage

《Go-! Congratulations!
What happy news!

What happy news! According to a source in the entertainment industry

“They are still good friends, but they were never in a relationship.

According to a source in the entertainment industry, “They are still good friends, but they were never in a relationship.

In 2001, he was reported to be in love with actress Sayaka Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi was photographed “going home in the morning” from Tsuyoshi’s apartment, but the relationship later broke up. The reason for the breakup was the “no-marriage rule” that used to be in place at Johnny’s. “At one time, the Johnny’s office had a rule that if a member of the same group was married to the same person as another member, he or she would not be allowed to marry.

At one time, there was a negative trend at Johnny’s to have the younger generation jump over the older generation and get married. At that time, KinKi Kids was a very successful group. In addition, Tsuyoshi was a favorite of the late Mr. Kitagawa.

It was reported that he had been dating Yamaguchi for several years and had already introduced her to his parents, but they broke up in tears. Since it was a big love affair, many people judged it as ‘no more (marriage) ……’.

As time went by, Johnny’s’s “Marriage NG rule” was lifted. In 2007, Mr. Johnny’s passed away, and last year, the Johnny’s office itself “disappeared” due to the sexual assault issue.

There was no obstacle to Tsuyoshi’s marriage, and he must have naturally started thinking about his goal with Momota.

Since the chemistry is perfect, they should have a happy family. ……

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