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March Announcement Expected Tsuyoshi Domoto Envisions New KinKi After His Departure

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Tsuyoshi Domoto (far left) has reportedly left the office. His presence in the former Johnny’s office was so prominent that his movements attracted a lot of attention.

On January 11, Tsuyoshi Domoto (44) of “KinKi Kids” married Natsunako Momota (29) of “Momoiro Clover Z” in a surprise wedding, and the mood was one of celebration. A month has passed since then, and now fans are in an uproar. A “resignation theory” has surfaced for Tsuyoshi.

In the February 8 issue of “Josei Seven,” it was reported that Tsuyoshi’s contract was up for renewal in February, but that he had decided to leave the former Johnny’s office (now SMILE-UP.) without renewing it. There have been rumors of Tsuyoshi’s departure from the office in the past, but this time he may be firm in his decision.

Kinki” debuted in 1997. Tsuyoshi and Koichi Domoto (45) celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2010 without any notable scandals or troubles. Their individual work is also on track. Tsuyoshi, in particular, had a family and his public life seemed to be smooth sailing.

However, a source at a TV station said that there had been “signs” for several years.

After the death of the office’s founder, Janney Kitagawa (87 years old), Tsuyoshi had been contemplating how to move on. Before his death, I got the impression that Mr. Janney had been paying close attention to Kinki and especially highly valued the multi-talented Tsuyoshi. Mr. Tsuyoshi also adored Mr. Janney. With the passing of such a mentor, it seems that he no longer sees the point of being at the office, and it has been decided that Mr. Jun Fukuda of a consulting firm will take over as president of a new company, STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, which will be in charge of talent management from April. It would not be surprising if Mr. Tsuyoshi makes a major decision at the timing of the change in the office structure.

According to “Josei Seven,” Tsuyoshi and the former Johnny’s office are in final talks regarding his departure. If they come to an agreement on his resignation, it will not be long before an official announcement is made.

One of the TV station insiders continues, “It is possible that Tsuyoshi’s departure will be announced as early as the end of March.

The end of March will mark the end of “Kinki’s” flagship program, “KinKi Kids no Bunboon” (Fuji Television). The show has continued for nearly 30 years in the form of “Love Love Aishiteru,” which started in ’96. After the final episode of the show, which both Tsuyoshi and Koichi have deep feelings for, may be one of the best times to make an announcement.”

With Tsuyoshi’s “exit” rumors surfacing, the future of his “partner,” Koichi, is also a matter of concern. A source in the entertainment industry speculates that there is a strong possibility that Koichi will remain at the office.

The year 2012 will be an important year for Koichi. In January of this year, it was announced that the musical “Endless SHOCK,” which he is directing and starring in, will end this year. As it is his last show, Koichi will spend the year performing at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo from April to May and November, in Osaka from July to August, and in Hakata in September. It is hard to imagine him going independent at this time.”

If Koichi stays and Tsuyoshi leaves, the duo could fall apart. What will happen to “Kinki” in the future?

Both of them have strong feelings for the name “KinKi Kids,” so breaking up is not an option for them. Even if Tsuyoshi leaves the group, it is highly likely that he will continue his activities as “Kinki. Last October, Kazuya Ninomiya (40) of “Arashi” announced that he would continue his activities as “Arashi” even after his independence. Tsuyoshi will probably work in the same style.

Will the “new KinKi Kids” that the two envision come to fruition?

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