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Opposition to Maiko Kano Marriage by WEST Member Akito Kiriyama’s Dark Social Media Posts

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Kiriyama is filming a drama series and should reconsider his use of SNS.

WEST.’s Terufumi Kiriyama, whose marriage to former volleyball player Maiko Kano was reported in some sports papers on New Year’s Day, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his CD debut this April, and many fans are hoping that he will not get married at such an important time for the group. The other day, Kiriyama wrote a “meaningful” sentence on his official blog, such as “The enemy is the closest” (original text in Japanese), which caused concern among fans.

The two were reported to be in a serious relationship in the April 27 issue of “Josei Seven” (Shogakukan) and “NEWS Post Seven” (distributed the previous day). They became close friends after co-starring in the 19-year “World Cup Volleyball 2019” (Fuji TV) and have already been together for nearly three years, nurturing their love through home dates.

After the article came out, fans of West. and others dug through her SNS and found a few posts of interest. They pointed out that there were similarities between some of Kano’s SNS photos and photos that Kiriyama had uploaded to his blog in the membership site, FAMILY CLUB web. For example, the material of the sofa, the table, the color of the walls, the color of the curtains, etc. were all similar. Many fans opposed her relationship and marriage, claiming that Kano was a “woman who made them smell.

However, on January 1 of this year, Nikkan Sports and some other sports papers reported that the two “have firm intentions to get married. According to the same newspaper, Kiriyama and Kano had informed those around them of their intention to get married by the end of 2012 by last summer, and they have also reported the news to various work-related parties.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, WEST. will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its memorable CD debut on April 23 this year. The “marriage report of a guesser” early in the new year must have been the worst possible start for Kiriyama fans.

On the other hand, Kiriyama himself updated his personal Instagram on the same day the article was published, but it caused a huge firestorm. He showed a photo that appeared to be taken at his home, but the curtains in the background were very similar to the ones Kano had posted on SNS in the past (Kano’s post has since been deleted). The curtains had attracted a lot of attention after the relationship was revealed, and fans were shocked, saying, “You didn’t have to go to the trouble of taking a picture in front of those curtains,” “I’ve been depressed since …… New Year’s Day,” and “I don’t want to see these curtains anymore. I don’t want to see this curtain anymore.

Kiriyama uploaded his Instagram until January 6 as usual, but when WEST. made a surprise appearance as a secret artist at “SDGs promotion TGC Shizuoka 2024 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION” on January 13, he was absent due to his poor health. After that, she continued to not participate in the program recording, but resumed her Instagram on the 24th of the same month. She posted an illustration that read, “Everyone has hard times,” and commented, “Okay, !!!!!!!.” He also commented, “Okay, .

Kiriyama’s hobby is diving, and on his FAMILY CLUB web blog “Today’s Akito” (January 31), he posted a photo of the sea and wrote, “The sea will not betray you if you treat it properly, so I will treat it properly too. This is the worst thing.

In response to this, there were some comments on the Internet.

Terufumi, are you opposed to our marriage?
I can only assume that at this point in time, he said he wanted to get married, but the members and people around him were against it.
I don’t know who betrayed him, but the staff should stop him before he posts a meaningful blog.
Is she just trying to “get under my skin”? I don’t feel good about the way you’ve been talking about this.

There was a string of harsh opinions related to the marriage report.

On February 7, Kiriyama posted two illustrations on his Instagram, “One inch ahead is darkness” and “But…two inches ahead is spotlight. It can be seen that he seems to be troubled about something, but is it really his own marriage problem or ……?

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