Aki Higashihara, who has been criticized for her “black belt bathrobe,” has a “strong mentality” that allows her to update social networking sites without hesitation. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Aki Higashihara, who has been criticized for her “black belt bathrobe,” has a “strong mentality” that allows her to update social networking sites without hesitation.

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Yasuo Inoue, who was reportedly having an “alleged affair. What does his wife Aki Higashihara think…

It’s been a while since we got together on Saeko-san’s YouTube. I wonder if there was anything we could use. I’ll let you know again. !!!!

On April 26, Bunshun Online reported a “secret hotel meeting” between former judo gold medalist Kosei Inoue and a married woman in her 30s who looks like Karen Takizawa. However, his wife, Aki Higashihara, continues to update her Instagram page without a care in the world.

At about the same time as the Bunshun Online article appeared, she updated two Instagram posts. There are,

《I really think it’s a masterpiece !!!!!》

She excitedly introduces the brand of clothes she wears.

According to the article, Inoue went to a hotel separately with a fitness trainer with whom he became intimate last October, and they each went into their own rooms. About five minutes later, Inoue entered the woman’s room wearing a white bathrobe and a “black belt” that came as part of the set, which was clearly captured in a photograph.

Inoue-san denied to Bunshun that he had a relationship with the woman, but admitted that he entered her room. He said they were talking about “work, etc.,” but he changed from a suit to a bathrobe and went into the room, and he looked like that Kosei Inoue with his black belt on.

It was so unintentional that she bypassed her four children and Mr. Higashihara. They went out to dinner and the second party was karaoke and the woman was drunk or dizzy, so it seems impossible that they were talking about work in such a state.” (Wide show insider)

In the comments section of Higashihara’s insta.

“Aki-chan, everyone is behind you.

On the other hand, there were also comments saying

It’s hard being a saree wife, isn’t it?

“She must be really into it, having a black belt.

But Higashihara doesn’t seem to be bothered.

However, Higashihara did not seem to mind, and later uploaded a gorgeous three-shot with Saeko and Anna Sumitani, a TV personality and businesswoman, in the YouTube promotion post at the beginning of this article.

Inoue was the men’s judo coach at the Tokyo Olympics, and in his private life he had an image of being the “cleanest of the clean,” winning the “Ikumen of the Year” award in 2004.

Meanwhile, Higashihara also released a family photo book titled “life is good – Aki Higashihara’s days of creating a happy family” in 2008.

Inoue also uploaded a photo of himself cooking on his blog at the same time,

My husband has started cooking for me!
He cooks for us, of course, but I think it’s hard for all housewives to do this every day. Just one word like that makes me really happy!

The couple seems to have been in love with each other, judging from their flirtatious comments.

Will “Aki Higashihara’s Days of Creating a Happy Family” continue as the title of the book suggests?

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