New life with an adulterous partner… “Uninhibited” Takako Uehara is in a mood of “surrender” on social networking sites with “I can’t hear a sound” and “I wish her happiness”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

New life with an adulterous partner… “Uninhibited” Takako Uehara is in a mood of “surrender” on social networking sites with “I can’t hear a sound” and “I wish her happiness”.

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Uehara (left) runs up to Mr. A’s Runkuru with his child in his arms when he came to pick her up from daycare. She was smiling naturally.

I would like to continue my quest for beauty and help many people become even more beautiful and smile through beauty.

Last August, Takako Uehara (40) updated her Instagram,

I have made various moves in order to start my second career.

and reported that she was changing her career to become a beautician. She expressed her enthusiasm at the beginning of the article and moved to Okinawa with her family in January of this year. ……

In August of this year, when “Weekly Bunshun Online” reported Uehara’s affair with a younger businessman, Mr. A, social networking sites all attacked Uehara.’ Even her husband Mr. B, who remarried in 2006, was under fire.

She married Tenn of the hip-hop group ET-KING in ’12, but her husband committed suicide in ’14. About three years after the tragedy, “Josei Seven” published TENN’s suicide note, which revealed that the cause of the suicide was Uehara’s infidelity, causing a firestorm.

The public bashed Uehara intensely, and she was almost banned from the public stage as an actress. She was saved by her now husband, Mr. B, who was working as a stage director at the time” (producer, key station).

Mr. B took it upon himself to protect Uehara and even lost his job as a stage director when they married in 2006. However, the “Bunshun” report prompted social networking sites to bash not only Uehara but also Mr. B, saying, “You’ve seen that, right?

Uehara is currently living with Mr. A in an apartment in Okinawa Prefecture with her two children with Mr. B. FRIDAY” published a photo of the couple picking up their children from daycare, and one would have thought that social networking sites would be filled with criticism of Uehara,

The social networking sites were expected to be flooded with criticism of Uehara, but instead, the comments were, “This guy never learns. He’s too good.

I can’t even breathe a sigh of relief when she’s this far along.

The mood was not one of resignation, but rather of “surrender. Some of them were in a mood of “surrender” rather than resignation, such as

“SPEED is back! I’m glad to hear that they are not going to be

or something like that. What does this mean?

In October 2010, the Okinawa Actors School, a performing arts training school, hosted a music event, “Okinawa Actors School Revival Festival – 50th Anniversary of Return to Mainland Japan” in Okinawa Prefecture, and “SPEED” made a comeback for the first time in six years and four months. However, the oldest member, Hitoe Aragaki (now active as HITOE), who was the leader, was not there.

One of the reasons is that she is busy as a painting artist and yoga instructor and has no interest in music activities, but the biggest reason is that she is tired of being pushed around by the selfishness of the other members during the “SPEED” days and still continues to refuse to perform with them. Fans are well aware of this, and after this incident, they must have made up their minds to say, ‘Now we can give up on SPEED’s revival altogether.

Her husband, Mr. B, admitted to the magazine’s interview that they had separated, and squeezed out a weak voice, saying, “We are in talks with lawyers, so I would like to refrain from commenting …….

It is hard to believe that Uehara, who has neglected her family and fans and continues to seek only her own happiness to no end, can be successful as a beautician in the future. ……

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Two shots of Uehara and Mr. A, which appear to have been taken in August of this year in Fukuoka, Japan, where they were traveling. As far as can be seen, there are no children nearby.
With her current husband, Mr. B. Takako Uehara, who has been in the news a number of times for her love affairs (photo taken in 2005).
Takako Uehara, a woman in love, with dancer AKIHIRO, with whom she is in love (photo taken in ’11).
A scene of Takako Uehara and Jin Akanishi in love (photo taken in ’05).
ISSA and Uehara holding hands and looking at each other while waiting for a cab (photo taken in ’99)
Late night embrace scene right after leaving a restaurant/bar (photo taken in ’99)
Although there were some acquaintances at the bar late at night, they were enjoying their own private world from start to finish (photo taken in ’99).
Uehara saying goodbye to an acquaintance just before getting into a cab (photo taken in ’99)
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