After his divorce from Yukkina, he became popular… Fujimon and Toshifumi Fujimoto dated two beautiful women who looked like Nana Eikura and Alice Hirose. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

After his divorce from Yukkina, he became popular… Fujimon and Toshifumi Fujimoto dated two beautiful women who looked like Nana Eikura and Alice Hirose.

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Fujimon responded to a direct interview with this magazine on a street in Tokyo. He told the reporter, “You should be looking for a partner instead of doing this.

I’ll find a girlfriend like Rapunzel and I’ll go to Disney Sea.”

On August 18, Toshifumi Fujimoto, 52, of the comedy duo “FUJIWARA,” said on his YouTube channel, “I’m going to find a girlfriend like Rapunzel and go to Disney Sea. Since his divorce from Yukina Kinoshita (35) on New Year’s Eve in 2007, for the past three and a half years he has frequently expressed his loneliness when asked about his love life on variety shows, such as “I’m too lonely” and “When you get divorced, there is nothing to do on New Year’s. However, this summer, Fujimon had already gone on a Disney date with a woman.

On a weekday in mid-June, I saw Fujimoto at Disneyland with a beautiful dark-haired woman who looked like Nana Eikura. They were watching “Mickey’s Philharmagic” 3D theater after 6 p.m., and Mr. Fujimoto was giving her a seat that was easier for her to see.

Speaking of Fujimoto, he is such a Disney lover that he and his ex-wife Yukina pledged their eternal love surrounded by Mickey and others at their wedding ceremony at a hotel in the resort. On that day, Fujimon was enjoying his Disney date with a beautiful woman to the fullest, but he was living an even more irresistible life.

On a mid-summer afternoon in early August, we spotted Fujimon cooling off at a Natural Lawson store in Tokyo. When he left the store after finishing his shopping, he found a tall, beautiful woman resembling Alice Hirose next to him. Holding hands, the two returned to Fujimon’s condominium in good humor.

Fujimon has enjoyed dates with two beautiful women this summer. Which one is his true love?

–Good evening, this is Friday. I think you are dating a beautiful woman.

Yes, yes, yes.

Fujimon readily admitted the existence of his new girlfriend and began to talk about his Disney date and his date at home.

He said, “(Looking at a picture of the Disney date) Oh, they are friends, it’s true. I’m sorry, this is a friend.”

— “So are you dating the person you were shopping with at Natural Lawson the other day?

Yes, I am.”

If you ask her, she is an ordinary woman younger than Yukkina. They have even dated at home, but he seems to be cautious about dating a girlfriend who is more than 17 years younger than him.

Fujimon has embarked on a new love affair, but his ex-wife Yukkina and their children live near his home. With the support of his ex-wife, will his first romance in 14 years come to fruition, or will it be a one-summer love affair?

In the September 8 issue of “FRIDAY,” on sale August 25, we report in detail on the identity of the girlfriend revealed by Fujimon and the relationship between the ex-couple as told by his ex-wife Yukkina. It also includes a handsome photo of Fujimon on a date and a photo of Yukkina responding to a direct interview with the magazine. Several photos are also published in the paid version of FRIDAY GOLD.

Fujimon was holding her purse and other items, and she was holding his left hand tightly, empty-handed, as if he was not going to let her take out his wallet.
Yukkina responds to this magazine’s direct question with a smile. She was concerned about the shrimp stains on her stomach as she washed the dinner dishes.

For more details and multiple photos, click here↓.

  • PHOTO Keisuke Nishi (direct interview with Fujimoto and Kinoshita)

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