Darvish and Yusaku Maezawa are also rumored to be in love… Saeko, a woman in love, “Too much going on in both public and private life! Images of her too beautiful true face | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Darvish and Yusaku Maezawa are also rumored to be in love… Saeko, a woman in love, “Too much going on in both public and private life! Images of her too beautiful true face

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The two were embarrassed to be interviewed directly by this magazine 10 days after announcing their engagement (August 2007).

While spending time with her children at her parents’ home, it was a summer vacation during which both the children and I were able to meet many people we wanted to meet.

Saeko (36) revealed her memories of the summer vacation she spent with her children on Instagram, along with her own yukata outfit. Saeko also uploaded a photo of herself visiting her hometown of Miyazaki and attending her cousin’s wedding on the 1st, and showed a back view of her 15- and 13-year-old sons, who are studying abroad in London, saying, 《I look like a model! The photo of her sons, 15 and 13 years old, studying abroad in London, drew praise , saying, “They look like models!

In 2009, when she made a surprise appearance in “Dragon Cherry Blossom” (TBS), she announced her retirement from acting, saying, “I think today is the last time I’ll see acting,” but in recent years she has become more of a businesswoman and social activist.

Saeko, who moved to London in ’17 for her son’s study abroad, made headlines in ’20 when she moved to Tochigi and started running a ranch. She also started an incorporated association to provide support to the disaster-stricken areas after collecting 15 truckloads of supplies via SNS when a typhoon hit Chiba in ’19.

She has been involved in support activities for more than 10 years, and was awarded the “HAPPY WOMAN AWARD 2022 for SDGs” last March 8, International Women’s Day, in recognition of her activities.

In her personal life, she was known for her flamboyant friendships, not only in the entertainment industry. Although she was reportedly dating Keisuke Koide, she married Yu Darvish in 2007 and divorced in 2012. After that, she continued to be quite content, declaring a relationship with Yusaku Maesawa in ’15, followed by their breakup.’ The following year, it was reported that she was dating a 17-year-old artist in 2008, and it seems that the “devilish woman” is still alive and well. Here are some of the images we have seen of her.

The time when we directly interviewed Saeko and Darvish right after the announcement of their marriage due to a shotgun wedding.

On August 9, 2007, Saeko announced on her blog that she was engaged to Darvish and that she was pregnant. Ten days later, this magazine directly interviewed the two on a date in Susuki, Sapporo. When a reporter handed her a bouquet of flowers, she said

Thank you very much,” she said. I’m so embarrassed.

When Darvish, then 21, expressed his feelings about becoming a father, he said, “Well…I’m happy. I’m happy in the sense that I’m going to become a young father. They were a happy young couple.

[When she and Darvish were in the midst of divorce proceedings.

In November 2010, their separation was reported, and Saeko and Darvish announced on their respective blogs that they were in talks for divorce. At the time, Saeko was busy launching a new brand she was producing.

The divorce was said to have been caused by Darvish’s problems with women and Saeko’s life centered on her parents’ home due to childbirth and childcare, which led to their differences. The divorce was announced in January 2012, although it was reported that they had a dispute over the amount of child-support payments and that the negotiations were difficult.

In December 2003, she moved to the U.K. after the breakup of her relationship with Yusaku Maezawa.

In December 2003, at the year-end party of “Start Today,” of which Maesawa was the president at the time, he proudly declared their relationship. It was reported that the relationship was a family affair, with their children and Saeko’s parents living in the same apartment as Mr. Maezawa. However, they broke up in July 2005. At the same time, she moved to England with her two sons who were accepted to study at a prestigious school in England.

Before the direct shot, the two came out for dinner. When they stand side by side, the height difference of 39 cm is noticeable (August ’07).
Dal, who had somehow noticed the magazine’s presence, accepts a bouquet of flowers with a sense of embarrassment (August ’07).
Saeko got into a cab with the magazine’s reporter seeing her off (August ’07).
Saeko was visiting Hokkaido on location for a movie (August ’07).
Saeko was traveling for work a few days before announcing that she was in divorce talks. She seemed to be concerned about her surroundings as she was in the middle of reports of a separation (November ’10).
At an exhibition for a brand that she produced, she was responding to customers in a brisk manner (November ’10).
Attending an acquaintance’s wedding at Disneyland. From right to left: Aki Higashihara, Aki Hoshino, Saeko (October ’13)
In July ’17, she moved to England to follow her two sons. Three months before that, she was spotted at an esthetic salon in Omotesando.
Since returning to Japan, she has been traveling back and forth between Tochigi, Tokyo, and Miyazaki. Photo: Award ceremony for “HAPPY WOMAN AWARD 2022 for SDGs” (March ’22)
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