Megumi Uenishi Refuses to drink her favorite long can of alcohol! Showing off her stunningly beautiful body! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Megumi Uenishi Refuses to drink her favorite long can of alcohol! Showing off her stunningly beautiful body!

Actress Megumi Kaminishi, known affectionately as "Keiichi," talks about her passion for gravure and the stage in which she plays the lead role!

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Kei Uenishi / Born in Shiga Prefecture, age 28, has been active as an actress in numerous stage productions since graduating from NMB48.

Megumi Uenishi (28), a former member of NMB48 and now a stage actress, appeared in FRIDAY’s gravure section for the first time in three years.

I never thought I would get an offer from FRIDAY, so I was extremely happy when I heard about it! For a month after this photo shoot was decided, I was determined to “work out! and I worked hard on muscle training. I hadn’t done a photogravure shoot in over a year, so I had been eating as much as I wanted, drinking long cans of alcohol every day (laughs), and not doing much to build my body. But for today, I’ve absolutely stopped drinking alcohol, which I love to do. But I have stopped drinking, even my favorite alcoholic beverage, “at home” (laughs). I was able to face my body again and train it properly thanks to FRIDAY!

A long can is quite a drinker. She even turned down (some of) it to take on the challenge of gravure, but she will be leaving her agency at the end of 2022. She is now independent and working as a freelancer.

When I was thinking about whether or not to become independent, I consulted the members of NMB48. My sister (NMB48 member Rei Kaminishi) also listened to me even though she is 7 years older than me. They all had my back.

Since I was 15 years old, I have been surrounded by many adults in my entertainment career, but I have changed to the opposite style of work, where I decide everything and do it all by myself, so of course there are some difficulties. However, I gradually came to realize that the agency was doing this kind of work for me, and I was able to feel a renewed sense of gratitude. I think I have actually gained a great opportunity to grow, and I am already feeling glad to have become independent.

Megumi Uenishi in plain clothes

After finishing one stage performance earlier this month, she is currently starring in the play “Emptiness is Always Beside Me” (at Asakusa Kyugeki Theatre, Tokyo, until April 23).

I play the role of …… who takes revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend by killing him in her fantasy. For some reason, I often get roles that make me sound like a menhera (laughs), and I’ve even been called a menhera by members of NMB48. If there is a demand for such roles, I will do my best as a Mengele character!

Since I play the lead role, there is pressure to organize everyone, but I enjoy playing the role because I was given a role that suits me perfectly. I want to play my role with responsibility so that those who come to see my performance will not regret it.

What is your goal that you want to achieve by the end of this year? I want to be in a film! He answered immediately.

I decided to become independent because I wanted to broaden the scope of my acting. I am mainly active on the stage now, but I have always wanted to be involved in video productions! I have always wanted to be involved in film productions. I decided that I had to carve out that path on my own.

I would like to appear in a drama, a movie, or anything else this year. There is a difference between stage productions, where you have a month to rehearse, and film productions, where you have to respond to what is required on set. I want to acquire that instantaneous ability, so I am becoming more and more interested in video.

In that sense, gravure is similar to video work. I would like to improve my ability to stand in front of the camera and respond on the spot. I want to be able to respond immediately to any order that comes my way.

We can’t take our eyes off of Megumi Uenishi!

Finally, we asked her about her dreams for the future.

She answered, “My biggest dream right now is to have my picture plastered all over train stations and trains! My biggest dream right now is to have my picture plastered all over the train stations and trains. I always fantasize about that while riding the train.

Another dream is to be active as “Megumi Uenishi” without borrowing the name of NMB48 after graduation.

Right now, I am still often referred to as “ex-NMB48,” but I would like to be able to show off as “ex-NMB48” so much that people will say to me, “You should show off as ex-NMB48!  I think that would be a way to repay the group.

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