Megumi Kaminishi, the Goddess of Buzz, Buys Boxes of Long Canned Alcoholic Beverages | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Megumi Kaminishi, the Goddess of Buzz, Buys Boxes of Long Canned Alcoholic Beverages

Actress Megumi Kaminishi appears in FRIDAY's photogravure issue! We asked her about episodes related to her favorite drink and secret stories from the photo shoot.

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This April, Megumi Uenishi (28) appeared in FRIDAY for the first time in three years, winning acclaim for her divinely beautiful body. Since then, she has appeared in gravure for numerous magazines and is expanding her field of activity.
Five months have passed since that sensation. Keiichi” makes a comeback in FRIDAY with her beauty further polished! She shows off her cool and refreshing gravure.

Kei Uenishi / Born in Shiga Prefecture, 28 years old, Kei Uenishi has been active as an actress on numerous stages since graduating from NMB48. She appears here in a very rare outfit!

Today’s photographer, Takeo Dec., shot my second photo book “21K” (published by Wani Books) seven years ago. It had been seven years since we met! I was so happy and joyful that the shoot went by so fast. I was so happy and happy to see him, and the shoot went by so quickly. I think I have created a fresh and stylish gravure that will make fans say, ‘I wish I could have seen Keiichi like this!

The person who is creating a buzz with her photogravure has received a lot of feedback.

“I hadn’t done any gravure work for about a year until the last time I was featured in FRIDAY. I thought, “No one wants my gravure work. …… But when I saw the magazine on sale and saw how happy my fans, family, and friends were, I realized once again, “There are people out there who are waiting for me! I realized once again, “There are people who are waiting for me! My sister (Rei Kaminishi, a member of NMB48) and Nana Yamada, who was a first-term student in the group, also said, “It’s so good! I was so happy. I was so happy, and it made me want to work even harder on my body.

Megumi Uenishi in mature lingerie

In our last interview with her in April of this year, she revealed a surprising side of herself: she drinks a long can of alcohol every day.

She said, ” Of course, I want to give my all to my photogravure, so I don’t drink alcohol before the shoot! I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol for a week before today’s shoot. I didn’t drink a drop in the week leading up to today’s shoot. I’m going to drink a lot when I get home today. A long can? I finally bought a box (laughs). In my case, if I give up drinking, I get lax in other areas. It’s like, “I’m not drinking, so I can go on a diet in moderation. So I drink, but I work out hard. This is my rule for body building (laughs).

(Laughs)” He says that he loves reading as much as he loves drinking.

I have loved books since I was in elementary school, and since I started performing, I have made a conscious effort to read more in order to improve my vocabulary. When I get hooked on one novelist, I tend to read his or her works endlessly. The other day, I saw Kanae Minato’s “Motherhood” in a movie and have been reading her works ever since.

Megumi Kaminishi looks cute in a one-piece swimsuit. It’s my favorite costume,” she says.

She is also active as an actress, appearing in two stage productions this September, and will play the role of a mother with a child for the first time in the play “Setsu: Neko to Inu to Yakusoku no Tou: Takarabane no Te (Cat, Dog, and the Light of Promise: Treasure’s Hand),” which will begin on September 27.

She said, “This is the first role I’ve taken on, so I’m very excited! I will study hard and do my best to play the role. I had a meeting and read the script the other day, and I was busy with my emotions, laughing, and at the end of the reading, I was very emotional (laughs). It’s a wonderful work and I hope many people will come to see it! Thank you very much!

Click here to see Megumi Uenishi’s gravure and movie

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