Dramas for the October season are “full of Johnny’s” and Vice President Hideaki Takizawa is very astute. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dramas for the October season are “full of Johnny’s” and Vice President Hideaki Takizawa is very astute.

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Hideaki Takizawa, vice president in charge of fostering the next generation. It may be difficult to refuse when entertained by this handsome man…

One after another, people are praising the “skills” of Hideaki Takizawa, vice president of the Johnny’s office.

Mr. Kitagawa, the symbol of Johnny’s, passed away in July 2007. Before his death, Mr. Takizawa was nominated as his “successor. In August of last year, Mary Kitagawa, who also controlled the Johnny’s office, passed away at the age of 93.

With the passing of both Johnny’s and Mary, some in the industry feared that the influence of the Johnny’s Office would decline. More specifically, there was a movement to “destroy” Johnny’s.” (A sports newspaper reporter)

The October drama series are a “Johnny’s festival” in the making. The drama series in the October season are like a “Johnny’s festival. Prince” Shiyoh Hirano stars in the TBS drama “Kuro Sagi. Shiyoh Hirano of “King & Prince” starred in the TBS drama “Kuro Sagi. Ren Meguro of “Snow Man” is in the main cast of Fuji Television’s “silent. Ren Meguro of “Snow Man” is currently starring in Fuji Television’s “Silent” as a main cast member.

Meguro is also starring in NHK’s morning drama “Soar! NHK’s morning drama. In addition, Kaito Takahashi of Kimpuri is starring in TV Asahi’s “Boyfriend Descending! on TV Asahi.

He also stars in “Hey! JUMP’s Ryosuke Yamada also starred in Fuji Television’s “Dear Me, I’m Going to Kill You. Yuta Tamamori of “Kis-My-Ft. Yuta Tamamori of “Kis-My-Ft. 2” will star for the second consecutive season in the NTV series “Prayer Record: The Resident Doctor’s Record of Mystery Solving Medical Exams”.

Takizawa is said to be his “favorite” actor. From “SixTONES,” Jessie starred in TV Asahi’s “First Time is Par,” and Kyomoto and Taiga starred in NTV’s “The First Time is Par. Daiga played the lead in Nippon TV’s “Sokanema no Ichibana” for the first time in consecutive seasons.

In addition, Motoi, a member of Johnny’s Jr. Shunsuke Motoi, a member of “IMPACTors” within Johnny’s Jr. In addition, Shunsuke Moto, a member of “IMPACTors” within the Johnny’s Jr. group, was cast as one of the triple leads in the late-night drama “Pisu Obu Kakei” on NTV.

In the October season alone, there are nine dramas starring Johnny’s talents. A major entertainment industry executive commented.

Of course, Johnny’s has a lot of manpower, but Takizawa’s casting ability shines through. He is working hard to rejuvenate the group, which has been a longstanding issue for Johnny’s, and is moving ahead with an eye on the future.

He praises the group’s balance within the group.

The group is also considering the balance within the group, and in the case of Kimpuri, popular member Ren Nagase, who did not appear in the current season, will be cast in a TBS drama in the January season. A wide-show insider familiar with the situation of Johnny’s said

A wide-show insider with knowledge of the Japanese market said, “As far as young groups go, my top choice would have to be KINPURI. Until recently, they had the image of being Nippon TV’s “holdouts,” but recently, they have been doing all-around diplomacy. The next best group is Snow Man.

In a sense, they and Kimpuri are rivals, and their fans are more competitive with each other than with the group (laughs). (Laughs.) So I hear that if they don’t get exposure without being biased toward one or the other, they get complaints from the office.

He said, “After Mr. Janney passed away, the waterfall was taken away from the fans.

After Janney’s death, Takizawa was making the rounds of TV stations, dressed in a suit and carrying business cards, enthusiastically greeting the fans. Despite the fact that he had made a name for himself with “Tackey & Tsubasa,” Takizawa was not at all concerned about the “reception” he received from the executives of the TV stations.

He is also said to be “entertaining” the executives of the stations. He is now a “behind-the-scenes” employee, so even if you see him at an interview site and take a picture of him, you are not allowed to use the photo.

Vice-President Takizawa is also devoted to the development of Johnny’s Jr. The most recent topic of conversation was the seven-member Johnny’s Jr. unit “Travis” who is currently studying abroad in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Travis Japan” (Travis Japan), a seven-member unit of Johnny’s Jr.

Travis Japan studied abroad in Los Angeles in March of this year and was very successful, appearing on the popular local audition program “America’s God’s Talent. Finally, she signed a contract with Capitol Records, a major U.S. record label under the Universal Music Group umbrella, and will make her world debut on October 28 through distribution.

The strategy was to make her world debut first and then re-import her to Japan. It is said that Takizawa’s vice-president is the one who came up with this plan.

Some people in Johnny’s are concerned about Takizawa’s busy schedule, asking, “When is he sleeping? However, Takizawa himself believes that “the next few years will be the decisive factor. Even after the death of Johnny’s and Mary, the “Johnny’s Empire” seems to be solid.

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