Ken Miyake and Shiyoh Hirano too… Hideaki Takizawa’s counterattack has begun “A surprising path “apart from Johnny’s, which “TOBE” is steering. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ken Miyake and Shiyoh Hirano too… Hideaki Takizawa’s counterattack has begun “A surprising path “apart from Johnny’s, which “TOBE” is steering.

Ken Miyake, Shiyoh Hirano, and Yuta Jinguji have joined the group, as well as "IMPACTors" and Hiromitsu Kitayama. ......

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Hirano used to belong to “BOYS AND MEN” of Fortune Entertainment. This is the second time he has transferred.

Whether or not he can work overseas is up to you all.”

Hideaki Takizawa (41) commented via TikTok about the activities of his entertainment agency TOBE.

Starting with Ken Miyake (44), Shiyoh Hirano (26) and Yuta Jinguji (25) have announced that they will be joining the group. Unlike Johnny’s, Takizawa has publicly stated that videos that can be viewed for free on You Tube and other sites are OK to spread through screencasts and other means. It is the same method as “BTS” to use fans as a publicity medium. Takizawa probably took advantage of the time when the news of Ryoko Hirosue’s (42) adultery and Johnny’s’s sexual assaults have cooled down.

The influx of “quitting Janis” such as Hiromitsu Kitayama (37) of “Kis-My-Ft2” and “IMPACTors” is expected to continue.

Miyake and Takizawa have always been on the same page in terms of valuing the stage. It is likely that Miyake will replace Takizawa, who will concentrate on backstage work, as the playing manager.
Furthermore, Takizawa wanted someone who could run the fan club, which generates huge revenues, prior to expanding the business.

Hirano and Jinguji would like to work overseas, but due to language barriers and other factors, they did not have the courage to sign with an overseas agent on the spur of the moment. It was a perfect match for both of them,” said a source at a major entertainment agency.

Hirano’s Instagram account has more than 2.97 million followers, already surpassing that of “King & Prince. TOBE” is derided on the Internet as “Johnny’s second store,” but it is said to be steering in a different direction from their old shop in the future.

Takizawa wants to focus on nurturing young talent,” he said. Currently, “TOBE” is holding auditions to discover new talent. Imitating the Korean way of doing things, we are distributing the process in order to attract attention even before their debut. Takizawa has no intention of appearing in the public eye, so Miyake will probably be the judge.

With the departure of Takizawa, who was their creator and backer, “IMPACTors” is said to have canceled their solo performance at Yokohama Arena, which was scheduled immediately afterwards, and their exposure has since drastically decreased. While welcoming them and using them as a template for the office, the company has been nurturing new young talent. On the other hand, I believe that the company intends to generate steady profits from the already popular “retired Janis,” such as Hirano.

The company name “TOBE” was taken from the song “To be, or not to be” by “Tackey & Tsubasa. A new ″Takizawa Revolution″ will begin, incorporating popular talents who have left Johnny’s, as well as innovative K-POP techniques.

Takizawa has said that he does not intend to make his office a large organization. He is expected to stick to developing talent directly himself.

From the July 28, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Makoto Kuwata (Takizawa) Yusuke Kondo (Hirano)

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