Yuri and a younger ex-idol “resurrected semi-cohabitation” scene “after” the new song about a relationship of “more than friends and less than lovers” was distributed. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuri and a younger ex-idol “resurrected semi-cohabitation” scene “after” the new song about a relationship of “more than friends and less than lovers” was distributed.

The first half of 2011: A compilation of the scoops on Yuri's passionate love life "after" the scoops

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Yuri and Sayuki Takagi are back in love

Yuri (29), “the charismatic singer of love songs,” and Sayuki Takagi (26), a former member of the idol group “Juice=Juice” of Hello! Project idol group “Juice=Juice” and Sayuki Takagi (26), a former member of the group, were reported to be “semi-living together” in early February. In fact, “Bunshun Online” reported the couple’s passionate love affair in February ’21, but also reported at the same time that Yuuri had been involved in a three-way affair. Takagi subsequently retired from idolizing. The two were thought to have broken up. …… recounts the details based on an article distributed on February 10 (ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

On a cold night in January, when Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion was twinkling in the frozen sky, a cab pulled up near a luxury apartment building in Tokyo. It was Yuri, 28, the “charismatic singer of love songs,” who emerged from the building known as the home of celebrities, including a Kohaku singer, the best actor of the Japan Academy Prize, and an executive of a major corporation.

She is accompanied by two men and a petite woman. They appeared to be members of “Yuri Channel.

The cab carrying Yuuri and the others went to a motsu-nabe restaurant in a back alley in Nishiazabu (Minato Ward).

When they came out of the restaurant after about two hours, Yuri and her friends lit cigarettes under a streetlight. A moment later, the face of the woman next to Yuri was illuminated on ……, and the reporter could not believe his eyes.

Hello! Project idol group Juice=Juice.

In February ’21, Yuri and Takagi were found to be living together semi-cohabitantly. Immediately after that, she left Juice=Juice. In effect, she was expelled. But the real tragedy came after that. Bunshun Online” reported that Takagi had been three-way with Yuuri. A convenient line that Yuuri had sent to her unfaithful partner was also leaked, causing a huge firestorm. At the time, “Dry Flower” and “Betelgeuse” were big hits, but Yuri was not invited to the “Record Awards” or “Kohaku. Takagi, on the other hand, retired from idolizing. She started her own private company and steered it toward music activities and distribution. Yuuri is also a YouTube star, so there is a connection there, but I heard that the two broke up because of that fiasco,” said a senior entertainment industry executive.

Yuuri himself had publicly stated on “Yuuri-chan Channel” late last year that he did not have a girlfriend, but it was unmistakably Takagi who was standing next to him.

On the night in question, there was a scene where all the members looked up at the sky over a smoke. I am not sure if Betelgeuse was in their line of sight, but they all seemed to be having a great time.

A short time later, the four of them took a cab to Yuri’s house, but Yuri and Takagi were the only two who entered the room.

After that, FRIDAY encountered Takagi frequently at Yuri’s apartment. They went out after changing in Yuri’s room and came back home together – as far as we could see, the semi-cohabitation had been fully restored.

Takagi was also in his room when we visited Yuuri’s house to ask the truth.

The following is a question-and-answer session with Yuuri.

–You are dating Sayuki Takagi, aren’t you?

It’s a private matter. ……

–You were here a while ago, weren’t you?

Yes, yes.

–You live together, don’t you?

“I’m sorry. I can’t answer that.”

Yuri smiled as she was afraid.

It was such a sad parting, but even after two years, their feelings for each other have not withered. They will continue to live “days that will never fade away. For a long, long time.

Takagi has released a new song about a relationship that is more than friends and less than lovers. What is the true meaning of this song…?

As expected, the Internet was in an uproar after this magazine’s report. Especially, as far as Yuuri is concerned,

Was she lying when she said she didn’t have a girlfriend?

A man who plays with a woman’s heart is really the worst kind of man.

On the other hand, Takagi was criticized as “a man who plays with women’s hearts. Meanwhile, Takagi’s song “My Love” under the name “Sayubee” was chosen as the ending theme for the late-night drama “Brother Trap” (TBS) in the January season, and fans were overjoyed by the news,

“It’s a waste of her outstanding singing ability.

However, this news has disappointed her fans as well, who say, “It’s a waste of her outstanding singing ability.

Takagi was reported to have been a “big hit” with fans on April 26, but the news was a disappointment to them as well. Takagi’s third single “Chameleon” was released on April 26, and it is a sweet and sour love song about a girl who is more than friends but less than lovers . I wonder if it also includes his feelings for Yuri. ……

After dinner, Yuri (second from left) and the others, who were having a smoke, suddenly looked up at the sky. On the far right is Jun, a member of “Yuuri-channel”.
After dinner, they parted from the “Yuuri-chan Channel” members and went home to their apartment. You can’t help but smile.
Here are the two of them on another day (top and bottom). There was a pattern where they left the apartment separately and came back together at night.
Takagi carries a large package with both hands, whether it is food or a change of clothes. After this, he changed in Yuuri’s room and then went out by bus
Yuuri repeated, “I can’t answer any questions,” but then asked, “Are you sure they are close?” When I asked her, she blurted out, “Ha-ha!” She blurted out, “Ha-ha!
Unpublished cut from this issue of “Love Songs” Charismatic singer Yuuri “in flames after being caught in a three-way affair” – the shocking scene of her “resurrected semi-cohabitation”.
Unpublished cuts from this magazine Charismatic singer Yuuri’s shocking “resurrected semi-cohabitation” scene about two years after being “caught in a big flame over the revelation of her three-timing affair.
Unpublished photos of the scene of the shocking “resurrection of semi-cohabitation” about two years after Yuri, the charismatic singer of romantic songs, was “caught in a big flame over the revelation of her three-timing.
  • PHOTO. Ichiro Takatsuka Toshikatsu Tanaka

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