In contrast to “Johnny’s”… “TOBE” is in great shape with the power of former King & Prince “Shiyoh Hirano”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In contrast to “Johnny’s”… “TOBE” is in great shape with the power of former King & Prince “Shiyoh Hirano”.

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Overwhelming Visuals” that Convince an Overwhelming Number of Fans

Former King & Prince Shiyoh Hirano appeared on the cover of the November special edition of women’s fashion magazine “ELLE JAPON” (Hearst Fujingaho), and when online pre-orders began ahead of the magazine’s September 28 release, the publisher’s servers were down. Hirano Fever” was already in full swing, with the publisher’s servers going down. Hirano’s popularity on Instagram is astounding, surpassing that of Takuya Kimura, a senior member of the Johnny’s office, in the number of followers.

On July 7, Hirano announced that he and former King & Prince member Yuta Jinguji, who also left Johnny’s, would join TOBE, an entertainment company founded by Hideaki Takizawa.

Since then, there has been no significant activity other than updating Instagram, but on September 19, the official X (former Twitter) of “Elle Japon” announced the “Hirano version” of the magazine, which includes a “9-page fashion article featuring her wearing the latest Louis Vuitton collection,” along with a portrait of her in her current state of mind. The magazine also features a 9-page fashion portrait wearing the latest Louis Vuitton collection, as well as an interview in which she talks about her current state of mind. Please look forward to it. Fans who had been waiting for Hirano’s full-fledged start of her career immediately started to make reservations.

The server was down by the evening of the 19th, and the special edition was sold out immediately. The site also reported, “Reservations are scheduled to resume at online bookstores on September 20. However, it was again sold out in the blink of an eye, and Hirano’s fans were shocked on SNS, saying, ‘It’s sold out everywhere, and I can’t make a reservation.

Then, on the 20th, the magazine’s X account posted the following message: “[The magazine will be reprinted before its release! Due to popular demand, the November issue of Elle Japon, Shiyou Hirano’s special edition, is going to be reprinted! The URLs for pre-order on Amazon, Seven Net Shopping, Tower Records Online, and HMV&BOOKS online were also announced.

As of the 27th, the day before the release, Seven Net was “out of stock,” and the remaining three sites were still open for pre-orders, but with the following notes: “Delivery on October 7-9” (Amazon), “Orders placed after September 20 will be shipped around early October” (Tower Records), and “The book will arrive in early October” (HMV). (Tower Records), and “scheduled to arrive in early October” (HMV). Those who could not pre-order online in advance had no choice but to purchase the book at bookstores after its release. That is how much Hirano’s cover story in “Elle Japon” was at a premium.

Hirano, who is such a successful person, has already “surpassed Kimura” on Instagram. Kimura has 4 million followers (as of September 27, 2012), but Hirano has 4.06 million.

In terms of Johnny’s groups, Snow Man has 2.12 million followers, and Hirano’s old group, King & Prince, has 2.35 million followers. Hirano has more than 4 million followers despite being a solo account. Incidentally, the top Johnny’s follower is Arashi with 4.41 million followers, and among former Johnny’s, Tomohisa Yamashita is No. 1 with 5.24 million followers. Tomohisa Yamashita is No. 1 with 5.24 million followers. It may take a little longer for Hirano to reach Arashi and Yamashita, but recently Hirano has been beating Yamashita in terms of the number of “likes” on his posts. For example, Yamashita’s latest post is on September 1, and this “Like” is in the 420,000 range. In contrast, the fashion-related photos that Hirano has uploaded since mid-September have received 700,000 to 900,000 likes.

In addition, the dance video with world-famous dancer RIEHATA that Hirano uploaded on September 25 received more than 5.19 million views, which shows the high level of attention.

Johnny’s is currently in the midst of a major upheaval due to the sexual assault scandal involving the late Mr. Kitagawa, but “TOBE” is doing very well, having acquired the overwhelmingly popular Hirano. For Johnny’s, the “fish that got away” may have been too big.

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