Ken Miyake, Kimpuri…” One after another, they moved to Hideaki Takizawa’s new agency, but they were criticized as “Johnny’s No. 2. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ken Miyake, Kimpuri…” One after another, they moved to Hideaki Takizawa’s new agency, but they were criticized as “Johnny’s No. 2.

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Hideaki Takizawa left Johnny’s and started a new agency. There are signs of a succession of “quit-janis” joining him. ……

On July 4, the official Twitter page of TOBE, the entertainment company established by Hideaki Takizawa (41), a.k.a. “Tacky,” who retired as the former vice president of Johnny’s, was updated, announcing that a live broadcast will be held on the official YouTube channel from 19:00 on July 7. Takizawa quoted and retweeted it. Takizawa quoted and retweeted it as follows


Takizawa retweeted it and commented, “Sha-sha-sha! Perhaps it was a sign of joy or enthusiasm.

On the official Twitter page, there is an image of two chairs and the words “#TOBECONTINUED_02,” indicating a strong possibility that the two will be transferred. In “#TOBECONTINUED_01,” Ken Miyake announced his joining “TOBE” through a live broadcast on the 2nd. The announcement made the headlines in the sports press and on the TV news.

It is said that two former King & Prince members, Shiyoh Hirano and Yuta Jinguji, are likely to join TOBE. Hirano is eager to expand overseas, and there is a lot of attention on how he will develop under Takizawa.

They will be looking at huge markets such as China. Some say that song production has already begun. Hirano and the others were treated coldly by Johnny’s’s executives, and the difference in treatment between them and the Naniwa boys is said to be unbearable” (a women’s magazine reporter).

Some of the talent who left Takizawa’s company may not be able to perform as well as they would like, but the key point these days is the extent to which Takizawa’s company’s talent can cooperate with the media, which is sensitive to Johnny’s’s’s office, including TV exposure.

The Johnny’s office has not yet resolved the sexual assault issue, and it no longer has the power to exert pressure on TV stations and other media outlets. The mass media may voluntarily make a discovery, but ……. Noriyuki Higashiyama of Shonen-tai mentioned changing the name of the “Johnny’s” office, but Johnny’s itself is no longer that powerful a brand.

With Johnny’s and Mary gone, is there any merit in remaining with Johnny’s? There are still rumors that “Snow Man,” Takizawa’s debut group and godparents, may be on the way out. Gershwin once revealed that he had heard that Snow Man was leaving the group. There is no possibility that one day all of Johnny’s talents will be transferred to the new company and it will be “taken over” by the new company.

The Internet is divided on whether to approve or disapprove of Takizawa’s company. Some fans are supporting the new company, while others are not so sure, as they said on Twitter when Takizawa announced his intention to start a new company on July 7

It would have been interesting if he was going to start a new company and create a new entertainment industry. But in the end, it’s just Johnny’s.

Some people were bitter.

The term “Johnny’s” was also used on Twitter.

However, TOBE’s Twitter announcement was viewed more than 8 million times in the first three hours after it was posted. Criticisms aside, this is a tremendous amount of attention. ……

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