The disparity from the “Shonen-tai” days is reversed! …Issei Nishikiori & Katsuhide Uekusa, who are doing very well behind “New President Higashiyama” who is going through a thorny path | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The disparity from the “Shonen-tai” days is reversed! …Issei Nishikiori & Katsuhide Uekusa, who are doing very well behind “New President Higashiyama” who is going through a thorny path

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Higashiyama was the “eldest son of Johnny’s” and reigned at the top of the talent pool. He was also one of the most popular.

Johnny’s held a press conference in Tokyo on September 7 in response to the sexual assault scandal involving its founder, the late Johnny Kitagawa. Keiko Fujishima Julie Fujishima, who had served as president since Janie’s death, formally acknowledged the sexual assault and apologized. Shonen-tai member Noriyuki Higashiyama, who had been appointed as the new president as of September 5, announced that he would retire from the talent business by the end of the year. While Higashiyama has made an important decision, Shonen-tai members Issei Nishikiori and Katsuhide Uekusa seem to be enjoying their “second lives.

Shonen-tai made their record debut on December 12, 1985 with “Masked Ball. The group’s high-level dance and acrobatic performances captivated fans and were so unique that Janney called it his “masterpiece.

In 2008, “PLAYZONE,” a musical in which they starred for 23 years, came to a close. Since then, Shonen-tai has been in a state of inactivity, and the three of us never had a chance to get together. Then, at the end of December ’20, Uekusa and Nishikori left Johnny’s office. On December 12, the 35th anniversary of their debut, the group released their best album “Shonen-tai 35th Anniversary BEST,” but they did not appear on any music programs as a group, and their “last performance” as the last members of Johnny’s was not realized. However, the group did not appear on any music programs, and their last “last performance” as a Johnny’s group did not come to pass.

However, in the case of Shonen-tai, they have not stated that they are disbanding, and they have retained their “trade name”. Many fans had hoped for a reunion in the future, but as mentioned above, Higashiyama announced that he would step away from the stage within the year. Although there was hope as long as all the members continued their entertainment activities, Higashiyama’s decision to concentrate on his job as president of the company made it clear that the group would effectively disband.

It is clear that a rough road lies ahead for Higashiyama as he tries to rebuild his office. On the other hand, Uekusa and Nishikori, who left Johnny’s about three years ago, have expanded their activities. Since leaving the group, Uekusa has been energetically performing concerts and dinner shows, and on October 10 of this year he will release his first album as a solo artist, “Polaris. He also held a dinner show “Presented by SHOW & TIME 2023 ‘Three Clovers'” with former Hikaru Genji members Hiroyuki Sato and Junichi Yamamoto in August, which was so well received that additional performances have been scheduled for November and December.

While working as a stage director, Nishikori released his first cover album “Song Style Collection” in April this year. Nishikori also started a unit “Funky Diamond 18” with choreographer and TV personality Papaya Suzuki, and released a mini-album “PRIMEMAX” in July.

On September 5, Nishikori updated his X (formerly Twitter) account. She wrote, “My new life, which was given to me by all of you who have supported me, is now entering its third fall. I will only continue to walk toward the future…” He continued.

Speaking of the 5th, it was also the day that Higashiyama took the position of president of Johnny’s underwater. Nishikori may have sent out this positive message on the same day by chance, but the contrast between Higashiyama, who has chosen a thorny path, and Nishikori, who is enjoying life to the fullest, was brought into sharp relief.

The next day, Nishikori uploaded a photo of Negitoro rolls and Matsutake mushroom soup (Nagatanien) from FamilyMart convenience store on his X and posted, “Even these things are fun, it’s a wonderful life! and posted, “Even these things are fun, it’s a wonderful life! In another post on the same day, she reported that she and Papaya were also planning to make a new album as a unit, saying, “Uekusa is also working hard on the album, and it really pushes me. It may not be fast enough to satisfy everyone, but please continue to support us,” he said, asking fans for their understanding.

Before leaving Johnny’s, the two of us were honestly less available than Higashiyama. However, they seem to be working more now, and each of them is enjoying their activities. Uekusa and Nishikori’s YouTube channel “Nikki and Kacchannel” has been on hiatus since the last video in April, but I am sure they will continue to show us two shots in some form.

It would be nice to see the three Shonen-tai members at least while Higashiyama is still active, but I wonder if we will ever see them again. ……

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