Hideaki Takizawa Snapped and Denied the Alleged Forced Kissing News Articles that Has been Circulating in the Internet | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hideaki Takizawa Snapped and Denied the Alleged Forced Kissing News Articles that Has been Circulating in the Internet

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Hideaki Takizawa, who sat in the passenger seat of the funeral car as Janie Kitagawa’s successor.

The article contains so many time-cycle twists and untruths that I must categorically deny it.

On September 23, Hideaki Takizawa, founder of the entertainment production company TOBE, denied on his X (formerly Twitter) the contents of the report in Women’s Seven.

The article, titled “Takizawa Hideaki Forced into Kissing,” was a new accusation made to the head of Johnny’s Sexual Assault Association.

In the article titled “Takizawa Hideaki Forced to Kiss,” Junya Hiramoto, a former Johnny’s Jr. and representative of the “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Association,” is interviewed,

“I don’t know the truth because I was not directly affected, but it is true that I received such a message on my blog (from Johnny’s Jr.). Takizawa likes kissing. He said he would force me to kiss him.”

The article includes the comment, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know what happened. Not only that, but the article also states

In the past, Hiramoto’s blog published the testimony of a Jr. who complained of sexual harassment, saying that he was licked by Takizawa.”

(The page on Hiramoto’s blog has since been deleted.)

Takizawa responded to these articles with the following statement

I am writing this to protect the company and my honor. 

“In the age of the Internet society where children are watching, it is not good for their education. Reporting something that is not true is something that should not be done, and I think it is shameful as an adult.” He vehemently refuted the claims

On the other hand, Mr. Hiramoto also wrote on his website,

I have responded that I have heard such stories in the past, and that I have received such messages on blogs, etc., but I have not slandered anyone for doing so, and moreover, I would never accuse anyone of something that I have only heard.

He also explained that he had not made any accusations based on what he had just heard.

The reporter in charge of Seven apologized for the misleading title and content of the article.

The article, however, has not been deleted (as of September 25).

Takizawa had previously introduced the subject of “making up with someone you’ve had a fight with by having them kiss you” in the “Quiz Lesson” section of “Sukkiri,” so it must be true. It is probably true. I think this is a method of making up in a rough-and-tumble way, in the manner of an athletic association.

Takizawa said he categorically denies the article, but does not explain which parts are misleading. Mr. Hiramoto also said that he did not intend to make accusations or slander, but admitted that he gave that kind of response. In the end, readers are left wondering what was wrong with the Seven article.

In contrast to Johnny’s, which has been facing the headwinds of the public, TOBE has been growing by absorbing more and more quit Johnny’s. However, Takizawa, who was said to be the successor to Johnny Kitagawa, has not been able to get rid of the sexual assault problem. The most disturbing thing is that Takizawa is still silent on the issue of sexual assault.

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