Ryoko Hirosue’s “Date at a Soba Restaurant in Saitama” alone with Chef Shusaku Toba | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s “Date at a Soba Restaurant in Saitama” alone with Chef Shusaku Toba

Ryoko Hirosue resumes her entertainment career, but behind it all is her boyfriend, who is still her emotional support. ...... One year after the double adultery scandal, their relationship has not broken up, but has deepened even further.

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Hirosue is interviewed by this magazine after their date at a soba noodle restaurant. She made no comment about her relationship with Mr. Toba.

A man and a woman (a couple) chatting at a secluded soba noodle restaurant in Saitama Prefecture. They attract the attention of all of Japan, but there is no sign that they are in disguise. On this day, about a year after the publicity surrounding their affair, actress Ryoko Hirosue (43) and chef Shusaku Toba (46) were enjoying a private date.

The two appeared to be getting along well as they ate assorted tempura. Basically, Mr. Toba was talking, but when it came to the topic of when Ms. Hirosue’s child was small, Mr. Hirosue became talkative. Since her child was not present, I think it was just the two of them” (a guest who was there).

In mid-May afternoon, after enjoying a date at a soba noodle restaurant for about an hour, they got into a car together and left the restaurant.

In June last year, Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported that Hirosue had an affair with Toba, and in July she announced her divorce from her husband, Candle Jun (50). Although she had suspended her entertainment activities since the turmoil, she became independent and established a new private agency in February of this year, and in April she made her first public appearance since the divorce. In April, she made her first public appearance since her divorce. She will probably aim to make a full-fledged comeback as an actress.

As she resumed her entertainment activities, her relationship with Mr. Toba seemed to have deepened rather than broken down. An acquaintance of Toba’s told us, “In order to continue her relationship with Toba, she had to make a decision.

A Toba acquaintance said, “The biggest obstacle for Hirosue in continuing her relationship with Toba was her three children. During the period when the affair was reported, the relationship between Toba and Hirosue’s children was not very good. Recently, however, the children have come to miss Toba. As for Hirosue, she was able to resolve the issue that had been her biggest concern. This must have made it possible for the two to see each other without any worries. Recently, Toba has returned to his position as president of sio and opened a new restaurant he produced in a new spot, Harakado, and both his work and his relationship with Hirosue are going well.

We asked her about their date at a buckwheat noodle restaurant, which FRIDAY witnessed, and she told us directly.

–The other day, I saw you at a soba noodle restaurant in Saitama Prefecture. …….

I don’t like it when people come to interview me directly like this,” he said. If you contact us through our website, we will answer your questions.

–How is your relationship with Mr. Toba going?

I don’t have an answer for you. I don’t accept direct interviews like this.

After saying this, he drove away. When we sent an e-mail to Hirosue’s personal office again confirming the facts, they replied, “We leave his private life to him.

When we sent a similar e-mail to Mr. Toba’s side, his attorney replied, “Mr. Toba is a private person, and even if he were a public figure as a chef or restaurant owner, the question of who he had dinner with and where, and who he is dating, are completely private matters and not public facts. It is not a public fact and is not in the public interest,” he replied.

How is this adult love affair going to turn out, defying the adverse publicity?

A photo of Mr. Toba on the day of the date. He and Hirosue, sitting across the table from each other, were enjoying some quality time together.

From the June 7-14, 2024 issue of “FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Takayuki Ogawauchi (Hirosue)

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