Ryoko Hirosue and Chef Shusaku Toba’s Cozy Soba Date in Saitama | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue and Chef Shusaku Toba’s Cozy Soba Date in Saitama

Ryoko Hirosue resumes her entertainment career, but behind it all is her boyfriend, who is still her emotional support. ...... It's been a year since the double adultery scandal, and instead of a breakup, the relationship between the two has deepened even further.

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Hirosue interviewed by this magazine after their date at a soba noodle restaurant.

A couple, a man and a woman, were chatting at a hidden soba restaurant in Saitama Prefecture. Although the pair attracted attention throughout Japan, there was no sign of any disguise. On this day, about a year after the highly publicized extramarital affair reports, the two enjoying a date alone were actress Ryoko Hirosue (43) and chef Shusaku Toba (46).

On a mid-May afternoon, after enjoying an hour-long date at the soba restaurant, the two left the establishment together in the same car.

“Last June, Hirosue’s extramarital affair with Toba was reported by ‘Shukan Bunshun,’ and in July, she announced her divorce from her husband Candle June (50). Since the scandal, she had suspended her entertainment activities, but in February of this year, she established a new private office and made her first public appearance since the divorce in April. She seems to be aiming for a full-fledged comeback as an actress,” said a sports newspaper entertainment reporter.

While resuming her entertainment activities, it appears that Hirosue’s relationship with Toba has only deepened instead of breaking up. An acquaintance of Toba’s shared the following.

“The biggest obstacle for Hirosue in continuing her relationship with Toba was her three children. When the affair was reported, the relationship between Hirosue’s children and Toba wasn’t very good. However, recently, the children have started to warm up to Toba. Hirosue must have resolved her biggest concern. Because of this, they can now meet without any worries. Recently, Toba has returned as the CEO of sio and has opened a new restaurant at the new spot ‘Harakado.’ Both his work and his relationship with Hirosue are going well.”

It seems certain that their relationship continues even after their respective divorces. We confronted Hirosue in Tokyo about their soba restaurant date we witnessed. Details of their soba date and Hirosue’s comments during the direct interview will be reported in the May 24 issue of FRIDAY June 7/14. The paid version FRIDAY GOLD features photos of Hirosue and Toba’s date.

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