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Sylvanian Collaboration to Snow Man’s Iwamoto Hikaru’s Otomen Persona

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Iwamoto on the location of the movie Moekare wa Orenji Iro. He looks good in the firefighter uniform. (from the April 15, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY”).

Snow Man’s Iwamoto Hikaru, who has graced the cover of the fitness magazine “Tarzan” multiple times and also competed in Sasuke, has a strong image of being muscular. Unfortunately, he suffered a first-stage defeat in the year-end Sasuke event of 2023, but his tearful expression of regret while holding back tears deeply moved viewers and remains fresh in memory.

Standing at a towering height of 182cm with a sculpted physique, Iwamoto exudes masculinity from every angle. However, did you know he also has a charmingly feminine side, enjoying cute things? One of his well-known interests is Sylvanian Families, and he has even appeared on television programs showcasing his collection, he said

“I collect deer families and such.”

“It seems that his fascination with Sylvanian Families began when Takizawa (Hideaki) san gave them to him as a gift. We don’t know why Takki gave him Sylvanian Families, but it’s cute how he simply accepts it as ‘there must be some meaning behind it if it’s a gift from a senior,’ don’t you think? (laughs).

And not only does he collect Sylvanian Families, but he also uses them when thinking about dance formations. Just imagine him moving Sylvanian figures around as he plans out dance routines, isn’t that irresistible?” (Idol magazine writer)


His gap isn’t just limited to Sylvanian Families. He’s also not good with scary things. During a group YouTube project where they went to a haunted house, he spent the whole time hiding behind his fellow member Meguro Ren, trembling. Seeing him like that.

“His tiny ‘yeah’ in response to Meme’s (Meguro Ren’s) ‘Don’t leave me’ is so cute it hurts.”

“Isn’t Charming Charming Chonmage (Iwamoto) being girly with this appearance just the best??”

Fans couldn’t help but swoon and express their excitement.

“He’s a huge sweet tooth, making him a treasure trove of contrasts. Among them, he particularly loves ‘chocolate’ and ‘tapioca,’ reportedly spreading chocolate cream on his bread every morning for breakfast, and he’s said to frequent the famous tapioca shop ‘Gong Cha’ enough to accumulate nine loyalty cards. Despite consuming such sweet treats, he maintains a body fat percentage of 4%, which adds to his charming contrast.” (Same idol magazine writer as before)


Interestingly, actor Nishijima Hidetoshi, known for being a ‘hidden muscle man,’ and actor Mackenyu, who showcased his beautiful muscular physique as Zoro in the live-action version of ‘ONE PIECE,’ have also declared themselves to be sweet tooths. There’s a theory that sugar intake is necessary to maintain muscle mass, but regardless of that, it seems that many muscular individuals have a sweet tooth after all.

Despite his masculine appearance, Iwamoto Hikaru shows both cute and manly sides. It’s no wonder that many fans are charmed by his contrasting traits.

  • PHOTO Yusuke Kondo

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