Declaration of Farewell to Quit Janis! …Meguro Ren’s “make us right” remark and the big smile on his face after the event. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Declaration of Farewell to Quit Janis! …Meguro Ren’s “make us right” remark and the big smile on his face after the event.

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Ren Meguro leaves the venue after the “Tokyo Drama Awards 2023” ceremony.

In late October, the “Tokyo Drama Award 2023” award ceremony was held at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo).

The drama “silent” starring Haruna Kawaguchi, which aired in the October season last year and recorded high ratings, won the Excellence Award, and Ren Meguro (26) of “Snow Man” took the stage. He won the Best Supporting Actor Award for his role as Kawaguchi’s lover, a young man who has developed juvenile onset bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and has lost most of his hearing.

After the award ceremony, Meguro came out of the hotel where the event was held in plain clothes and was in a good mood from start to finish.

Speaking of Meguro, he is currently the subject of a controversial Instagram quote he posted. Fans are saying that she may have decided to register with a new agent company” (sports newspaper reporter).

The post in question was made on November 11. The post in question was on November 11. “Snow Man” announced on SNS that “Snow Man Special Live ~Enjoy New Year’s Eve with Everyone! ~The post in question was posted on November 11,

Please keep December 31st (Sun.) open!

The same day, Meguro also announced that he would be broadcasting his own installation on New Year’s Eve. On the same day, Meguro updated his Instagram,

Let’s make the best New Year’s Eve with the 9 of us! I won’t let you regret it, we’ll make it right.

The photo was uploaded with the message, “We won’t let you regret it. In response, the web version of “Tōspo” published an article under the headline “Is he completely insulated from NHK…Snow Man Meguro Ren’s controversial “provocative post. The article stated that NHK, which had eliminated former Johnny’s talents from participating in Kohaku, could be seen as “selling out” to them.

In response, on November 17, Shukan Josei Prime published an article with the headline, “‘Make us right’: The ‘real partner’ for Ren Meguro’s Instagram ‘provocative post’ that was not NHK Kohaku. According to the article, the “real partner” was not NHK, but the “quitting Janis,” according to the analysis.

The reason given was that members Daisuke Sakuma, Shota Watanabe, and Ryohei Abe established their own private offices based at the former Johnny’s office in November, and that it was necessary for them to establish their own private offices in order to sign a contract with the new agent company.

At one point, there was speculation that the members might join “TOBE,” but now that three of the members are based within the former Johnny’s, it is more likely that they will all remain with the firm. At the moment, it is inconceivable that the members will leave or split up, so I think Meguro has made up his mind,” said a senior executive at a well-established entertainment office.

His smile at that moment may have been an expression of relief that his resolve had been clearly decided, not to mention his joy at receiving the award.

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Ren Meguro in a tuxedo at the awards ceremony, but in plain clothes.
Ren Meguro smiles at the driver.
  • PHOTO Yuri Adachi

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