Kyoko Koizumi, who cut down a TV program over the Johnny’s issue, is “conversely needed by the TV program” for a surprising reason. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Koizumi, who cut down a TV program over the Johnny’s issue, is “conversely needed by the TV program” for a surprising reason.

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In February ’18, the day after her declaration of independence from Burning and admission of her affair with Toyohara, she was surrounded by the press at the end of a stage and said, “I want to live with my sins on my own.

While the Johnny’s office was in the midst of an uproar over the sexual assault of its late founder, Janney Kitagawa, singer and actress Kyoko Koizumi (57), unusually for a celebrity, took a direct and direct look at the Johnny’s issue.

In her radio program “TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN” (J-WAVE) broadcast late at night on September 23, Koizumi spoke about the current state of the media, saying , “People are starting to talk about the Johnny’s issue, but the media has been “disciplined” and attached to the people who appear in the media and has not reported on the issue. There are some things that have not been reported. The worst pus is starting to appear on TV and radio,” he said.

He also criticized the industry for its lackadaisical approach to content creation, saying, I guess they had a sense of security that if they used Johnny’s, they would get the ratings they wanted.

He also expressed his hope for an improvement in the situation, saying, “If a little wind breaks loose, it will open the door to the top. Koizumi, who had been a top idol since the early 1980s, appeared on TV singing shows and performed with many Johnny’s celebrities. Therefore, she has been criticized by many TV stations. Therefore, she must have witnessed the “discovery” of the various TV stations.

However, even if he had made this statement in the past when he was under the patronage of a major office, he would not have received any particular sympathy. But now that she has taken responsibility for her own words and actions, and as a result has stayed away from television, her comments are more persuasive.

At the end of January 2006, Koizumi became independent from Burning Productions, the major entertainment agency to which she had belonged for 36 years since her debut. Since then, she has been working on stage productions, producing, etc., under her own production company, “The Day After Tomorrow. To coincide with his independence, he made an unprecedented “declaration of adultery” with Kosuke Toyohara (58), an actor with a wife and child, to the assembled press.

The relationship between the two was originally reported by “FRIDAY” in 2003, but due to the media’s “discovery,” it was as if it had never happened. Burning is a powerful company, so if they had stayed together, it would not have been reported extensively and there would have been no impact on their work.

However, Mr. Koizumi decided to become independent as a way of apologizing to himself. Mr. Toyohara also held a press conference in response to Koizumi’s “declaration of infidelity,” but as expected, Koizumi has been absent from TV ever since.

Koizumi has been away from TV work since “Jail Princess,” a TBS drama series in which she starred in the October 2005 season. The fact that Koizumi has become a “difficult” person to use on TV is due to factors other than his affair with Toyohara.

In May 2008, during the COVID-19 crisis, she tweeted on her Twitter account (now X) that she would protest the proposed amendment to the Public Prosecutor’s Office Act. Some reported that he was running for the Constituent Democratic Party of Japan, but Koizumi himself flatly denied it. However, if he were to make such comments on TV, it would be a “broadcast accident,” so his appointment had been avoided. However, his political comments have become less conspicuous.

In April 2009, “Josei Seven” (Shogakukan) reported that Toyohara and his wife had amicably divorced around March 2008, and it became clear that his relationship with Koizumi was no longer an “affair. It was also revealed that his relationship with Koizumi was no longer “adulterous.

It is about time that the viewers demanded a commentator who does not make any judgments on entertainment topics. Koizumi, who has lived in the entertainment industry for many years, is the perfect person for the job. Besides, after the show aired in January ’12 It is also likely that Koizumi will be offered a second season of the drama series “Koizumi no Niban no Koi” (Fuji TV), in which he starred, which aired in January 2012 and is expected to be followed by a second season in April 2014, as well as a special music program at the end of the year. But only if he is willing to do so.

Koizumi’s return to TV may be on the way.

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Koizumi, who emerged first from the bar where she and Toyohara had secretly met in February ’15.
In June ’18, a few days after announcing on her blog that she was taking a leave of absence from acting, she returned home from the venue of a play she was performing in.
In September ’19, she visited the theater to see a play in which Non played the leading role.
In May ’22, she greeted the people involved in a stage performance she produced. Toyohara was also at the venue
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