Kyoko Koizumi Sparks Controversy with Insights on Johnny’s in September Radio Appearance | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Koizumi Sparks Controversy with Insights on Johnny’s in September Radio Appearance

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Kyoko Koizumi smiles as fans cheer her on.

Kyoko Koizumi Sparks Controversy with Insights on Johnny’s in September Radio Appearance



Kyoko Koizumi smiles as fans cheer her on.

I wonder if a famous politician will show up in the future. It was midday in mid-October, and things were very noisy in front of Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. in Yurakucho, Tokyo. Several station employees and security guards with passes across their chests were standing on the street, directing the crowd to line up on the other side of the road.

Soon after, a car appeared and the gathered crowd began to murmur. Getting out of the driver’s seat was Kyoko Koizumi, 57. She was fashionably dressed from top to bottom in beige overalls and a mushroom cut.


On the day of the event, Koizumi appeared live on Nippon Broadcasting System’s The Knights on The Radio. He announced that he would be narrating Manzai Kyokai THE MOVIE, the first film directed by Knights Hanawa Nobuyuki. The film focuses on Hanawa, who became president of the Manzai Association this June, and the comedians who stick to the stage, Koizumi said,

Koizumi said, “I think it’s the same for us, too, but I think we are trying to protect something like the performing arts, something like the original form. I sympathize with them in that they are trying to protect the way they do things and what they show to the audience.

She explained the reason why she accepted the offer.


When asked by a listener, what has been her most difficult role (as an actor). Koizumi said it was hard because she had to wear the same hairstyle in the drama, and she pointed out that her hairstyle had changed many times since his debut,

She then quipped, “I was thinking of Master Takamine Kodama,” referring to a comedian who belongs to the Manzai Association.”


Koizumi  comment made the studio laugh. After the show, she came out of the radio station and smiled broadly at her cheering fans, including a woman who said she had been a big fan of Koizumi for more than 30 years,

A woman who has been a big fan of Koizumi’s for more than 30 years said, “Even after you became an actor, you still have a nice and calm atmosphere, but today, when I saw you, you looked as youthful and radiant as you did when you were a singer.”

Koizumi’s guest appearance on a radio program in September, in which she touched on the issue of sexual assault at Johnny’s, has become a hot topic of conversation, and she is expected to become Reiwa’s new sounding board for her spot-on comments. Recently, Koizumi has been absent from TV, and her big-name status has become conspicuous,

“On October 11, Koizumi performed at a live concert in Shibuya hosted by Night Tempo, a world-famous Korean DJ, and on October 21, she appeared at the outdoor music festival The Great Satumanian Festival held in Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. She is actively engaged in music activities, which is also her starting point,” said a music magazine editor.

In Koizumi’s words above, this may be part of her activities to preserve something like entertainment, something like the original form. We would like to keep an eye on her future activities.


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Kyoko Koizumi with a mushroom hair cut
Kyoko Koizumi leaving the radio station at her own car.
In February 2018, the day after declaring her independence from Burning and admitting her affair with Toyohara, she was surrounded by the press at the end of a performance and said, “I want to live with my sins on my own.
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