Making love in the waiting room” in the “middle of the assembly”… Wife accuses NHK party member and TMF member of “W affair”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Making love in the waiting room” in the “middle of the assembly”… Wife accuses NHK party member and TMF member of “W affair”.

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Ms. Hashiguchi was involved in a variety of activities, including activities to improve the position of working women and support for parents of children with disabilities. However, behind the scenes, she neglected her own children and spent many mornings with my husband, and also slipped out of the assembly to have secret meetings in the waiting room.

Mr. Matsuda of the NHK party interrupted the reporter’s question, saying, “I have a committee meeting now, so I will talk to you later.

It was Miki Matsuda, 35, who confessed to this magazine without hesitation. Her husband Wataru Matsuda, 39, ran for office in April 2019 from the NHK Party to Protect the People and was first elected with 4862 votes. She is well received in the Nerima Ward Assembly as “a councilor who can speak intelligently and theoretically.

Miki pointed out that Naho Hashiguchi, 46, a member of the Tomin First no Kai (Tokyo Metropolitan People’s First Party, hereafter referred to as “Tofa”), is a ward assembly member. She is another new councilor who has been elected once and has a reputation as a “beautiful ward councilor. She lives with her husband and son in a detached house in Nerima Ward.

Currently, they are members of the Nerima Ward Assembly Future Assembly, the Tomin First Association, and the People’s Democratic Party of Japan.

A Nerima Ward assembly member, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “They have been working together since the winter before last.

A Nerima Ward assemblyman said on condition of anonymity, “Since the winter before last, we have seen them drinking together, and there were rumors that they were having an affair. During a special budget committee meeting, the two were seen drinking together. During the special budget committee meetings, they would often leave the meeting side by side and return with blushes on their faces. Some people were asking, ‘What are they doing in the waiting room of the Diet members? In mid-February of this year, a suspicious letter naming the two was sent to the ward mayor, ward assembly members, and Tokyo assembly members elected in Nerima, and they must feel like sitting on the edge of a needle.

The contents of the letter are as follows. It asserts that Matsuda and Hashiguchi are having an “adulterous relationship” and attacks them, saying, “We don’t need an adulterous first.

Wataru Matsuda of the NHK Party and Naho Hashiguchi of the Tokyo Metropolitan First Party are having an affair. Hashiguchi is a man without a toga, and he looks like he’s not even trying to make fun of the people of Nerima Ward.

Miki explains how it all started.

When I checked my husband’s smartphone on February 23 last year, I found a list of reservations for a private open-air bath and a love hotel in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture, and words from Mr. Hashiguchi to the effect that he missed me because there was no assembly on weekends, and that he couldn’t make up questions because we were together. I asked my husband about it. When I questioned my husband, he said on the spot, “Oh, I had an affair. I’m sorry.’ He admitted his relationship with Mr. Hashiguchi and apologized. He promised to break up with me right then and there. ……”

If we can guess from the text of the LINE message left on Mr. Matsuda’s phone, it seems that they became “man and wife” on December 24, 2009. Mr. Matsuda said, “Have you gone to bed already? Today is exactly one month since Naho and I started dating! I’m so happy when I see Naho, but I miss her so much when I don’t! Please continue to be good friends with me! He was very happy to see Naho.

The exchange between Matsuda and Hashiguchi on LINE was filled with words of love that could only come from two politicians.

Hashiguchi said, “The income and expenditure report! I wish you could tell me too, although I’ve already submitted it.”
Matsuda: “Do you want to make it together next year while making out?”
Hashiguchi responded with a stamp of “I like that.

Hashiguchi “Let’s have today’s video presentation at the ward office!
Matsuda “Yes! I like Naho, not the ward office.”
Hashiguchi sent an embarrassed stamp, “Tehehe.
Matsuda “Naho is cute” “Let’s watch the video together tomorrow!”
Hashiguchi “Let’s watch it!

Matsuda “Good morning! Making questions, huh? Did someone interrupt you? But it’s ok! I’ll be cheering for you at zero distance on the 31st (abbreviation)”
Hashiguchi “Cheering at 0 distance! I can’t make up another question for this one.”

The passionate love affair between the 39-year-old and 46-year-old politician was described endlessly.

I still respect my husband, but I will never forgive him for cheating on me.

Miki says she will never divorce him. Scrolling through her phone, she continued, “My husband is responsible for the next election.

Miki continues, scrolling through her phone, “My husband has taken responsibility and will not run in the next election, but Mr. Hashiguchi has not retired and is still active in politics under the signboard of Miyakofa. It seems that he will also run in the spring election as a Tohwa-approved candidate, and I cannot understand what kind of thinking he has, either for the party or for Mr. Hashiguchi personally.”

On February 20, we directly interviewed both of them before a special budget committee meeting of the Nerima Ward Assembly. When we asked Mr. Hashiguchi what he thought, he kept a stiff look on his face and kept his mouth shut. Perhaps upset, he went into another room and was urged by a ward staff member to enter the meeting room. Mr. Matsuda entered the room, replying, “I’m in a committee meeting now, so I’ll talk to you later” and “I’ll give you a full explanation.

Four hours after the committee meeting ended, the two returned together, but remained tight-lipped. When we tried to speak to Mr. Matsuda, he only bowed his head and said, “I’m sorry. Mr. Hashiguchi had a grim look on his face and rushed into the waiting room without so much as a glance at us.

A former supporter of Mr. Hashiguchi sighed.

When rumors of the affair first spread, I asked her about the relationship, and she said, ‘I love my husband, and he is not my type. Even after the affair was discovered, he kept saying, ‘It’s over, so I won’t find out. There is no proof. Mr. Hashiguchi said, “I want to fulfill my duties. I want to do my best again next time in the Tokyo Metropolitan Fa. Please don’t spread it to others.’ He pushed only his own convenience, so I stopped supporting him.”

Mr. Hashiguchi told a former supporter, “I will quit when the evidence comes out and I can no longer get away with it. Mr. Hashiguchi has been lying for years, but now that the evidence of his infidelity has been exposed in the open, he should at least keep his promise at the end.

The hotel where Matsuda had made a reservation. He had booked a room with an open-air bath.
Mr. Hashiguchi attending a congressional meeting.
A list of council members. Is that why Mr. Hashiguchi and Mr. Matsuda are next to each other…
It seems that she was famous as a beautiful councilor in the “Tomin First” association
The “suspicious letter” delivered to ward assembly members, etc.
Hashiguchi and Matsuda’s lovey-dovey LINE
Hashiguchi and Matsuda’s lovey-dovey LINE
Hashiguchi and Matsuda’s lovey-dovey LINE
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