Mrs. Devi, who “defended” Mr. Janney Kitagawa, “is under fire more and more” when “victim” Cowan Okamoto refutes her. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Mrs. Devi, who “defended” Mr. Janney Kitagawa, “is under fire more and more” when “victim” Cowan Okamoto refutes her.

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Mrs. Devi is under fire for defending Mr. Janie Kitagawa. ……

On July 18, TV personality Mrs. Devi (83) came under fire on the Internet after she complained on her Twitter account about the public uproar over the sexual assault by her close friend, Mr. Janney Kitagawa.

Since Mr. Janney’s death, there have been people who have come forward to claim that they have been victimized. It’s like whipping a dead man.

If they really felt bad, why didn’t they immediately file a complaint at that time? What more do they want when Mr. Julie has already apologized on their behalf?

Furthermore, in response to a comment made by Noriyuki Higashiyama of Shonen-tai about this issue on his program, he said

This is what I mean by “repaying a debt of gratitude. This is the ultimate in rudeness. The people who are complaining about the damage have even gotten the United Nations involved. It is so lamentable and shameful. (excerpts)

The public on Twitter took to Twitter to express their disdain for Higashiyama’s actions.

On Twitter, an ordinary user commented

Japanese “residents of the TV industry” are tainted by the “rule of ingratitude.” Embarrassing”? It’s you who should be ashamed, Mrs. Devi, because you think too childishly.

Are those who have contributed to the entertainment industry allowed to engage in pedophilia in a power-hungry manner?

There were many voices of protest.

Furthermore, the rebuttal came from the victims themselves. Mr. Cowan Okamoto, who joined Johnny’s in the third year of junior high school and was sexually abused by Mr. Johnny 15 to 20 times, replied to Mrs. Davi’s tweet.

《Mr. Janney used to talk about Mr. Devi a lot. I often received gifts from Mr. Devi at home. I also heard that they were old and deep friends.

Mr. Cowan also acknowledged Janney’s accomplishments, but said, “I don’t understand anything.

It is extremely unfair to perform sexual acts on a child who doesn’t understand anything,” he said. It is not an easy thing to confide in someone. Even if I had the courage to tell, people like you would deny it.

Most people suffer because they cannot say anything for the rest of their lives. I hope you will sort out your feelings one by one before you speak out.

She complained about the content of Mrs. Devi’s tweets, saying, “If you don’t accept obscenity, you will make your debut.

If they had to accept indecent acts or else they would not be able to debut or be active, they would have no choice but to comply with Mr. Janney’s demands, and many of the boys would have been too scared to talk to others about it.

In response to these despicable acts, Mrs. Davy’s statement could be taken as “condoning sexual crimes. It is a very dangerous statement, and there is a possibility that Mrs. Devi will receive complaints even if she appears on terrestrial TV in the future.

The Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) published on September 20 reported that the six-member Kansai Johnny’s Jr. group “Ae!

One of the participating countries told the organizers.

If Johnny’s idols are involved in the tournament, we will cancel our participation.

If Japanese idols are involved in the tournament, we will cancel our participation.

Mrs. Davy’s “defense” of Mr. Janney probably did not reach the public. On the contrary, it seems to have added fuel to the fire. ……

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