President Putin’s theory of public execution of “traitors”…shoot down Prigogine’s “plotting by his own making” shuddery ambitions. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

President Putin’s theory of public execution of “traitors”…shoot down Prigogine’s “plotting by his own making” shuddery ambitions.

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Mr. Prigogine, who is believed to have died. A memorial effigy was placed in Moscow (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)

6:21 p.m., August 23. The small jet suddenly disappeared from radar about 300 km northwest of the capital, Moscow.

The jet, in which Prigozhin, 62, founder of Russia’s private military company Wagner, was reportedly on board, crashed. According to Gray Zone, a media outlet close to Wagner, local residents twice heard explosions that sounded as if the air defense system had been activated. The media outlet “Gray Zone,” which is close to Wagner, reported that local residents saw two explosions that sounded like the air defense system had been triggered, and that “Mr. Prigogine was killed when he turned against the Russian authorities.

In June of this year, Mr. Prigogine suddenly posted on a social networking site, “The evil must stop. He became frustrated that necessary ammunition was not being sent to the front lines, among other things, and revolted against the Russian military. In the clash with Wagner, seven Russian warplanes were shot down and more than 10 people were reportedly killed.

Wagner advanced to about 200 km south of the capital, Moscow. The rebellion was aborted, but President Putin, although he avoided naming Prykodin, was furious, saying, ‘I will not forgive a traitor'” (Moscow-based reporter for a national newspaper).

Wagner has been to the Middle East and Africa, where he has played a “dirty role” in mass executions, mobilization of serious criminals, and other tasks that Russia’s regular army is unable to perform. He has also achieved a certain amount of success on the Ukrainian front. Perhaps for this reason, President Vladimir Putin was not so angry once the rebellion ended and did not pursue Prigogine strongly, but rather sent him to neighboring Belarus for a lenient punishment. But …….

‘We will not tolerate those who terrorize us.

There is a growing view that Mr. Prigozhin’s influence has weakened and that he has decided to purge the ‘traitors.’ In Russia, no social magnanimity is allowed without President Putin’s permission.

The Institute for the Study of War, an American think tank, analyzed that “there is no doubt that President Putin ordered Prigozhin’s jet to be shot down. In a press conference on August 23, Podlyak, advisor to the Ukrainian presidential administration’s chief of staff, said, ‘President Putin will not forgive those who have caused fear in him,’ and pointed out that it was ‘a public execution.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations announced that all 10 crew members and passengers on the jet were killed. Mr. Prykodin’s survival is considered hopeless. On the other hand, “The possibility that he is still alive cannot be completely ruled out,” said Itsuro Nakamura, professor emeritus at Tsukuba University and an expert on the situation in Russia.

It seems to me that Mr. Prigogine is acting on his own. In the past, there were two death rumors about Mr. Prigogine, one in 1919 and the other in 2010. In particular, in ’19, there was news that the plane he was on crashed in Congo, Africa, just like this time. Wagner quickly admitted that Prigogine’s death was a certainty. A few days later, however, Prigogine issued a statement, calling it a “miraculous recovery” and strengthening his influence.

Even in this report of the shoot-down, Wagner is actively disseminating information. Moreover, the impression is that it is too early to admit death, despite so much damage to the aircraft. There’s also the story that the jet was flown by two planes, and that the other one that crashed turned back to Moscow. We cannot rule out the possibility that Mr. Prigogine was on the plane that turned back and that the death was staged by Wagner.”

If it was a staged death, what was Prigogine’s goal?

If it was a stunt, what was Prigogine’s purpose? After going into hiding for a while, he will make another ‘miraculous comeback’ to attract public attention and rally the anti-government forces in Russia. He may have ambitions to defeat Vladimir Putin and become the leader of a major power himself.

Even a few days after the accident, information on Prigogine’s death is still mixed. It will likely take more time to get to the bottom of the situation.

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