Kasumi Arimura has had no scandals in the past 10 years… “Reason” why Kasumi Arimura is considered to be on the “second countdown” to a “love ban”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kasumi Arimura has had no scandals in the past 10 years… “Reason” why Kasumi Arimura is considered to be on the “second countdown” to a “love ban”.

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For 10 years, she has devoted herself exclusively to acting.

Actress Kasumi Arimura (30) has been “scandal-free” for almost 10 years. The view that “it would not be surprising if she decided to lift the ban on romance at any time” is gaining strength in the entertainment industry. The rumor is that she may finally be freed from the spell of the “mysterious apology” she made in 2001 when she was found to be in love with a Johnny’s celebrity.

In August 2001, “FRIDAY” reported on Arimura’s love affair with Keito Okamoto (30), then a member of “Hey! At the time, she was in the midst of her breakthrough role in NHK’s morning drama “Amachan,” and the scandal with a popular janitale was a shock to the public.

After the report, Arimura apologized on her blog, saying, “I am truly sorry for the trouble I have caused. I have been thinking again about what I want to do and what I want people to see when I confronted myself with this incident, and I realized that the only way to do that is through acting. I will continue to give my all to each and every job with more than 100% effort, and I will strive to achieve results in the future. However, he was vague about whether or not he and Okamoto were dating.

He neither denied nor affirmed the reports of their love affair, but instead made an unnatural “apology” and wrote of his determination to devote all his energy to acting, a comment that left a sense of confusion. The response was tinged with bitterness at the revelation of a passionate affair, which should not have happened in the midst of her being touted as a promising young, pure actress by the entertainment agency Fram, to which Ryoko Hirosue and other actresses belong.

I guessed at the time that she had been severely instructed by those around her in the business and had promised to devote herself to her acting career for the time being. In fact, after that, not only did Arimura continue to lead a serious life, but she became so busy with her rise to become a national actress that she had no time to fall in love.

After that, there have actually been no clear reports of male problems for Arimura. It is rather unusual for a top actress who boasts such good looks not to have a single affair in a long period of time, but now there are growing calls that Arimura is about to have a relationship with a man.

First of all, she turned 30 years old in February this year, a major milestone for a woman. Arimura herself has been very conscious of this age for some time, and it is highly likely that this will be the right time for her to break the “all I do is acting” mode that she swore to herself 10 years ago and start moving forward in her personal life. In addition, on July 2, the last episode of the NHK historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu,” in which he played the role of Sena, the wife of Tokugawa Ieyasu, played by Matsumoto Jun, came to an end. Since scandals are not allowed for actors who play important roles in the drama series, they will be able to act freely without worrying about the NHK.

It is also pointed out that the June double affair of Hirosue with famous chef Shusaku Toba, a senior associate of Arimura’s, may have stimulated Arimura to release the “restraints” that have held her back over the years.

Among popular actresses belonging to Fram, Erika Karada and Masahiro Higashide had an affair in January ’20. Erika Toda announced her marriage to actor Momori Matsuzaka in December of the same year. While her juniors and seniors have been talking about their relationships with men one after another, it is not surprising that Arimura, who has been tied down by 13 years of “apologies,” is asking herself, “Why me?

On July 24, Arimura appeared on a radio program of actor Yuki Yamada. On July 24, she appeared as a guest on actor Yuki Yamada’s radio program, “Yuki Yamada’s All Night Nippon X” (Nippon Broadcasting System), at her own request, despite her busy schedule. He spoke frankly about his acting career, saying, “I once thought I might not be able to do it anymore. Some people believe that while appealing to her sympathy for Yamada, with whom she recently discovered a passionate love affair, Arimura may have implicitly alluded to her own situation in which she has been unable to find love.

Last November, Arimura appeared on “Suddenly, May I Tell Your Luck? (Fuji Television Network). Fortune teller Hitomi Hoshi told her that she would reach a turning point in her life at age 30 and that the summer of 2011 would be her first chance to get married, and the fact that she smiled meaningfully and nonchalantly became a topic of conversation.

She has not announced any major work schedule as of the beginning of August since she finished the release of the movie “Chihiro-san” in February and completed the episode in which she appeared in a major TV drama. Perhaps the time has come for her to move on a freelance basis.

Last March, she won the Best Actress Award at the 45th Japan Academy Prize. As an actress, she has achieved more than enough “results. It seems that the day is near when she will become a woman in love in her private life.

On location for “Ishiko and Habu Otoko” in June 2010.
This spring, she “descended” in a sleeveless black dress on location at a high-class kappo restaurant in Tokyo.
After the location was over, she changed into casual plain clothes.
A waitress on location in Ginza in November 2009.
Despite the early morning location shoot, she was crowded with onlookers.
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