Kasumi Arimura was involved in an accident on the set of “Dousuru Ieyasu” (What’s up, Ieyasu?). | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kasumi Arimura was involved in an accident on the set of “Dousuru Ieyasu” (What’s up, Ieyasu?).

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Her role as Sena in “Dare Ieyasu” was well received. ……

It was recently announced that actress Kasumi Arimura (30) will simultaneously release two different photo books (published by Magazine House) on February 9 next year.

The 160-page photo book, spun from three different locations and in Arimura’s own words, is common to both types (standard edition and limited first edition). The separate leaflet accompanying the regular edition contains special photos and words from the moment of her 30th birthday. The first limited edition comes with a photo print T-shirt and clear photo card as a bonus. A photo exhibition and photo book handover party are scheduled for next March.

He has no movies coming out or dramas set to air, and most of his media exposure comes from interviews in magazines and other media. She has been working so hard that she must be temporarily off the job. The photo book is likely to be a hot topic since it has been five years since her last one,” said a movie industry insider.

In June of this year, Arimura’s agency “Fram” was in an uproar when the magazine “Bungei Shunju” reported that actress Ryoko Hirosue (43), who belongs to the agency, had an affair with famous chef Shusaku Toba (45). Hirosue was suspended indefinitely by her office. In July, she divorced candle artist Candle Jun (49) and took custody of their three children. On July 2, the climactic scene in the first half of the drama, in which Sena commits suicide, was broadcast, and her fine performance was the talk of the town. The scene was well received.

It would have been better if the story had ended there, but the October 12 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” reported that Matsujun had become a “tyrant” on the set of the Taiga drama. He was so angry that filming was not completed on time that he spat at a young assistant director, “I’ll kill you! He also revealed that Matsujun had tinkered with the script to add his own lines to the script. He also said that Matsujun was extremely fond of Arimura and frequently gave him gifts and other things, and that he was so devoted to her that he wanted to have her co-star in the “travelogue part,” in which the actors visit places related to the drama after the main story. As a result, the “3 million yen Shizuoka tour” with Arimura was realized, according to the report.

This is the third collaboration between Matsujun and Arimura, following the January 2002 Fuji TV drama “Lost Love Chocolatier” and the 2005 film “Naratage. The former Johnny’s has its “favorite actresses,” including Mio Imada (26) and Kanna Hashimoto (24), but Arimura is probably Matsujun’s favorite. There were even rumors of a love affair among fans on the Internet.

Speaking of Arimura, in 2001, before her breakthrough, a “lovey-dovey” photo of her with Keito Okamoto (30), a former member of Hey! Since then, even after his breakthrough, executives from his office have been on site to keep a close eye on him and guard him from co-stars. However, it seems that Matsujun has successfully gotten past the guard. The old theory of their love affair may be rekindled,” said a TV station insider.

Arimura also co-starred with Kazuya Ninomiya (40) of Arashi, the same “Arashi” group as Matsujun, in the Nippon Television drama “Weak but Winning: Aoshi Sensei and Heppoko High School Ball Player’s Ambition” in the April ’14 season. At the press conference announcing the production, Ninomiya revealed that he buys treats on set for all the junior members, saying , “If Kisun-chan says, ‘I want that,’ I’ll probably buy it. I’ m scared to death of myself,” she said frankly. He seemed to be that much in love with Arimura.

She has a reputation in the industry for falling for every actor she co-stars with, but with reports like this, she may be labeled a “devilish woman” and lose her female fans. For her, the news of Matsujun’s favoritism must have had a negative impact on her. It was as if she was the victim of an accident.

The lack of male scandals has increased the value of Arimura as an actress. But is it possible that Matsujun will be on the “NG list” in the future?

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In a black sleeveless dress on location at a high-class kappo restaurant in Tokyo (June ’23).
On location for “Ishiko to Habu Otoko” (TBS). She was talking with a serious expression on her face with a cell phone in her hand (June ’22).
She was dressed as a sales clerk on location for a movie in Ginza in the early morning (November ’21).
She is wearing glasses so cute that you want to keep looking at her (May ’21).
With Masaki Suda on location for the movie “Love Like a Bouquet. They were so close that people said, “Are they dating?” (February ’20).
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