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The Rise of “Extreme Services” at Men’s Esthetics in Tokyo Amid Rampant Illegal Activities

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The men’s esthetic salon known as Nakano MM in Nakano Ward, Tokyo, which was busted on January 17th this year, was reportedly engaging in prohibited activities such as male clients touching or engaging in sexual acts with female therapists.

Despite the illegal activities, the quality of service was reportedly high, and even now, the men’s esthetic salon receives high praise on review websites. At one point, it was said to be a hugely popular establishment, renting over 40 one-room apartments near Nakano Station and employing over 400 female therapists. Its popularity was immense, with rumored sales of over 1 billion yen in a single year.

It seems that noticing this popularity, individuals who have made a fortune in industries such as hosts and catchers, where it is difficult to continue earning, are increasingly starting men’s esthetic businesses.

They typically rent regular one-room apartments and advertise recruitment on well-known job recruitment websites in the industry, and start operations once they’ve assembled their cast.

Such establishments often change locations regularly due to not filing the necessary paperwork or operating without permission from management companies.

In an environment where men’s esthetic businesses are constantly emerging and disappearing, it seems that offering illegal extreme services is considered a minimum requirement to win in the fiercely competitive market for customers.

When asked about this situation, a writer specializing in the adult entertainment industry said:

“In the end, therapists also need to increase their bookings and repeat customers to earn money. Popular establishments and therapists mostly offer illegal services, so the ones that don’t end up either going out of business because clients stop coming or starting to offer illegal services. Shops with many prominent women tend to be targeted for crackdowns. It’s obvious, but that’s the reality.”

The response came back saying that if popular establishments are offering illegal extreme services, it’s only natural for surrounding shops to follow suit.

However, every men’s esthetic salon claims on their website that they do not engage in illegal activities such as sexual acts. It seems that the weasel words between the police and men’s esthetic salons will continue.

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