Scoop shot! Candle Jun “Completely Separated from Ryoko Hirosue of W Adultery & Divorce Finalized” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Scoop shot! Candle Jun “Completely Separated from Ryoko Hirosue of W Adultery & Divorce Finalized”

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Mr. Candle taking a walk with Hirosue’s mother and beloved daughter around 7:00 pm. The day before this, he had moved out of the house he lived in with Hirosue and his children

Happy Birthday!”

In early June, Ryoko Hirosue (43) was reported to have had an affair with chef Shusaku Toba (45). July 18, about a month after the report, was her birthday. Her home was crowded with her friends who gathered to celebrate her birthday. The Hirosue family had finally returned to a peaceful life, but her husband, Candle Jun (49), was nowhere to be found.

The truth is that Mr. Candle had already moved out of the house two days before this. She had been living in a hotel for a while because of the riot, but she wanted to return home as soon as possible, thinking about her children. It seems that Mr. Candle also left the house as Hirosue returned home” (source from an entertainment agency).

Hirosue has an eldest son with her ex-husband, and a second son and an eldest daughter with Mr. Candle. The day after she moved out, this magazine spotted Mr. Candle walking with her youngest, beloved daughter. He seemed to have come to see his daughter for the last time, gazing lovingly at her as she rode her caster board in a good mood. The children were determined to live with their mother. In order to reward them, Hirosue is also being cautious about the future.

At first it seemed that she would remarry Mr. Toba, but Ms. Hirosue has cooled down somewhat and refrains from seeing Mr. Toba. Ms. Hirosue has been a devoted mother to her children. Especially the younger two, who are still very young, are still in shock over the loss of their father. I don’t think she will remarry right away out of concern for her children,” said a source who knows the couple.

Having left Mr. Candle and Mr. Toba, the only thing Hirosue has left behind is her children. Her former husband had no choice but to leave her.

The August 4 issue of “FRIDAY” (July 21) reported in detail on the road to divorce that was taking place behind the adultery scandal. It also includes a photo of Candle and her daughter embracing. The paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” also published several photos.

Mr. Candle has remained silent since the press conference.
When he is alone in the car, he has a stern expression on his face.

↓↓The full set of photos can be seen in “FRIDAY GOLD”.

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