Ryoko Hirosue’s ex-husband, Candle Jun, releases statement on why chef Toba still refuses to apologize. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Hirosue’s ex-husband, Candle Jun, releases statement on why chef Toba still refuses to apologize.

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Ryoko Hirosue (left) and Mr. Candle Jun (right), whose divorce was finalized. However, Chef Toba still has not apologized. ……

On July 25, artist Candle Jun (49), who divorced actress Ryoko Hirosue (43), released a statement of about 5,500 words through her agent.

After the double affair between Hirosue and chef Shusaku Toba (45), Jun said

After the double affair between Hirosue and chef Shusaku Toba (45), Mr. Jun decided that a resolution should be reached in a way that puts the children first.

He believes that “the children should be resolved in a way that puts the children first,

He decided to accept Ryoko’s proposal regarding their marital problems, and to give up all rights except for visitation rights in order to finalize the divorce.

He decided to accept Mr. Ryoko’s proposal regarding their marital problems. The fact that he calls his ex-wife “Mr. Ryoko” is very sad. ……

He did not claim any money from his infidelity to Hirosue.

He said, “Originally, Mr. Jun was the victim of adultery. He could have demanded compensation from both Ms. Hirosue and Mr. Toba, but since doing so might be called ‘money-grubbing,’ Mr. Jun probably waived his rights like a man,” said a person involved in the wide-screen TV show.

(A wide-show insider) Nevertheless, it seems that Mr. Toba’s “guts are boiling over. On June 18, Mr. Jun held an independent press conference, revealing that he had contacted Mr. Toba but had received no response, and demanding a sincere response. In the letter, he stated

Mr. Toba has continued to feel that he has not received any apology from Mr. Toba.

and confesses, “I have been feeling that Mr. Toba has no intention of apologizing. It then goes on to say

Even if he received compensation from Mr. Toba, his own feelings would never be cleared, and he would never be able to get away from the feeling of “What was the cause of this case in the first place? And above all, considering our first and foremost priority of “putting our children first,” we decided not to wait for a response from Mr. Toba and not to make any claim at all, based on our belief that the problem with Mr. Toba should be resolved as quickly as the problem between the couple. The company decided not to wait for a response from the other party and decided not to file any claim at all.

In other words, Mr. Toba’s apology was rejected. In other words, Mr. Toba continues to refuse to apologize, and the situation will not end well if things continue as they are.

The disclosure of the behind-the-scenes details of the divorce has brought a flood of sympathy for Jun and criticism for Toba’s refusal to apologize. Some are again calling him a “saint” for his generous divorce terms, and the 5,500-word statement seems to have created a composition of “good” and “evil.

Toba is outraged by this.

As he has been abused by some in the media, the relationship between the two men is “water and oil. However, according to a source who knows the two men

Both of them are reading every major media outlet and gossip magazine they can get their hands on regarding the fiasco.

I’m curious what the public thinks of them. If there is a difference between the two, it is between the “dynamic” and the “static. Mr. Toba is the type of person who is active in a flashy manner, making radical statements and actions. Mr. Jun, on the other hand, is the type who moves quietly behind the scenes, as in his proxy statement.

Toba is the type of person who is radical and moves in a flamboyant manner.

Mr. Toba stubbornly refuses to apologize because he does not like Mr. Jun’s “quiet” side. He seems to think that Mr. Jun is the source of the “love diary” with Hirosue that was leaked to the Weekly Bunshun, as he has blurted out to some of the media.

The leaked diary is not the original, but a copy made with a smartphone. There are only a limited number of people who can do that. In fact, Mr. Toba seems to have obtained the evidence that Mr. Jun leaked to Bunshun via Mr. Hirosue.

He said, “Adultery is wrong, but what about leaking their ‘secret affairs’ to the media without their permission? He said, “It’s wrong to have an affair. Because of this, Mr. Toba has no intention of apologizing.

If Mr. Toba’s claim that “Mr. Jun produced the entire affair report,” as he claims, is true, the public’s view of the affair may change.

Mr. Jun, too, has suffered damage as a result of the past allegations of adultery and assault reported in women’s magazines. He must have thought it was time to move on. Well, it is quite possible that Mr. Toba, who is not convinced, will fight back in the future. ……” (sports newspaper reporter)

As far as we can tell, there are no “saints” among Hirosue, Jun, and Toba. Will there really be more turmoil after the divorce?

  • PHOTO. Kazuhiko Nakamura (Hirosue), Afro (Mr. Toba), Sota Shima (Mr. Candle)

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