Jun Hamamura: “Drug Speculation” about the Cause of Death of Chiaki Matsubara, the King of Nakedness | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Jun Hamamura: “Drug Speculation” about the Cause of Death of Chiaki Matsubara, the King of Nakedness

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Jun Hamamura is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his radio program “Thank you, it’s Jun Hamamura. He is a big name in the Kansai region, and it seems there is no one to give him advice… (’14)

He said, “Drugs, stimulants, things like that. The newspapers are saying that he may have been affected by using those kinds of things…”

On November 17, during the broadcast of his radio program “Arigatou Hamamura Jun desu” (MBS Radio), the TV personality Jun Hamamura made a remark that suggested “illegal drugs” were the cause of death of Chiaki Matsubara, an actress who was found dead suddenly at her apartment in Waikiki, Hawaii, the other day.

According to her ex-husband, Junichi Ishida, who held a press conference after receiving the news of her death

She was on tranquilizers that may have become stronger and stronger. I’ve heard that the match with alcohol was not so good.”

Now I wonder what I could have done if I had been mentally and physically unstable.”

Ms. Matsubara revealed that she was mentally unstable and expressed her regret.

His daughter Sumire is said to be crying over her mother’s sudden death and is exhausted.

Under such circumstances, did Hamamura slander Ms. Matsubara by making uncertain statements on the public airwaves that would cause distress to the bereaved family?

He said, “Secretly, there are rumors that she may have been under the influence of dangerous drugs, such as narcotics and stimulants.

An assistant pointed out that it might be tranquilizers or other drugs prescribed by a hospital.

The assistant pointed out that it could be drugs such as tranquilizers prescribed at the hospital. The newspapers have reported that it may have been caused by the use of such drugs.

The newspapers are saying that he may have been influenced by the use of such drugs and stimulants.

If Mr. Matsubara had died from using illegal drugs, it would have made headlines, but there were no such reports. It is unclear what information Mr. Hamamura saw.

Perhaps the bereaved family’s feelings would not be enough to stop the situation. Depending on the situation, it may become a “BPO case.

The BPO is an organization called the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization, which includes the Broadcasting Human Rights Committee. On its website, it states

The BPO hears petitions alleging violation of honor, privacy, or other human rights by broadcasting, and determines whether or not human rights have been violated and whether or not there are problems in terms of broadcasting ethics.

It is written as follows.

Not only television but also radio stations are subject to deliberation if there is a problem. The BPO is a third-party organization that allows anyone to file a complaint free of charge.

If a program is judged to be in violation of broadcasting ethics, there is a very high possibility that the program will be terminated. Sponsors would have their good sense questioned if they were to pay money for such a program. At 87 years of age, Mr. Hamamura is so well known in the Kansai region that MBS Radio and production companies have no complaints, and he has become the “King of the Naked.

The fact that he made the comment about Mr. Matsubara without any proof is probably the result of the fact that those around him have been unable to pay any attention to him. There is no denying the possibility that the bereaved family may sue him for defamation of character. The program, which has been running since 1974 and is legendary in the Kansai region, may have tarnished his legacy.

Perhaps sensing the gravity of the situation, MBS Radio announced on its homepage that the program would be broadcast on Thursday, November 17, and that the program would be broadcast on Sunday, November 18.

In the broadcast on Thursday, November 17, when we discussed the news of the passing away of Chiaki Matsubara, the main personality, Jun Hamamura, made some assertions that were not fully confirmed by the facts.

Although we corrected it several times in the program, we recognize that the correction was insufficient. We apologize to everyone involved.

The company issued an apology to all parties involved.

Hamamura has been talking about current affairs and other topics every Monday through Saturday on the radio for many years. Why couldn’t he judge that he “should not have said” something that treated the deceased as a criminal?

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