Ryoko Shinohara Giving Up Custody of Her Children to Former Husband Masachika Ichimura. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ryoko Shinohara Giving Up Custody of Her Children to Former Husband Masachika Ichimura.

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Ryoko Shinohara announced her divorce in July of last year. Her husband, Ichimura Masachika, has custody…

Actress Shinohara Ryoko seems to be leading a fulfilling life.

Shinohara divorced actor Ichimura Masachika, whom she had been with for 15 years, in July of last year. There were no alimony payments, and the fact that Ichimura has custody of their two children became a hot topic.

Immediately after the divorce, she joined the K-pop group He was a member of the K-pop group SUPERNOVA (formerly Supernova). Shinohara’s divorce from Gwang-soo, a member of the K-pop group SUPERNOVA (formerly Supernova), was immediately followed by allegations that she was having an affair with him.

Shinohara appeared as a guest on the February 9 broadcast of “TOKIO Kakeru” (Fuji Television Network). In the program, Shinohara introduced how she spends her days off, and it was revealed that she frequently meets with the child she gave up her parental rights for, such as “accompanying her son to piano lessons”, “having lunch with her son”, and “shopping with her son”.

She also confessed that she visits Ichimura’s home on her off days and cooks dinner for him. Shinohara said, “My husband is quite selfish.

Shinohara said, “My husband is a person who can make everything by himself.

Shinohara said.

Shinohara said, “My husband is quite capable of making everything himself,” and revealed, “My husband eats the brown enzyme rice, and the children eat the white rice.

The children eat the white rice.

Ichimura, on the other hand, was a guest on the variety show “Suddenly, but can I tell you the fortune? (Fuji Television Network) in December last year.

I make my child’s lunch box,” he said. I make my child’s lunch box, and since there are two more years of middle school, I have to make the lunch box for the next two years.

I feel sorry for him.

I feel sorry for her. I’m older than them, so I can’t wait for them to grow up. I know I’m being too self-centered, but I can’t leave it to someone else.

He said. A reporter from a sports newspaper said, “They are divorced.

The two divorced, but it wasn’t because they were at odds with each other, it was because each of them thought about the ideal shape of their relationship and decided to separate their registrations. That’s why they have been happy even after the divorce, and Shinohara even showed up at Ichimura’s birthday party the other day in a casual outfit.

For several years now, Ichimura has been making a child-centered schedule and trying to convey to his son all that he is, “the actor Ichimura Masachika. That’s why he insisted on custody.

Shinohara, on the other hand, wanted to “shine” both as an actress and as a woman. In the Netflix movie “Goldfish Wife,” which was released on April 14 this month, she played the role of a woman who falls into an affair with a man she meets by chance. Because of the incident with the aforementioned Gwang-soo

In the movie, she plays a woman who has an affair with a man she meets by chance. Some people in the industry are saying, ‘Wasn’t this a good advertisement? Some people in the industry are saying, ‘Wasn’t this good publicity?

(The same sports newspaper reporter). Ichimura also did not condemn the alleged affair with Gwang-soo. A source with knowledge of the story behind the scenes said, “Ichimura and Shinohara are having an affair.

It is said that Ichimura and Shinohara’s age difference is 25, and Ichimura has not questioned Shinohara’s behavior since they were a couple. He said the only thing he could think of was, ‘Don’t make the child sad.

Only a few media outlets reported the alleged affair with Gwang-soo, and almost all TV stations ignored it.

When they divorced last July, Ichimura described his relationship with Shinohara as “a new form of partnership. It is said that the breakup did not lead to a separation, but rather to a good relationship in which both parties respected each other by maintaining an appropriate distance.

As you can see from “The Goldfinch Wife,” Ms. Shinohara has broken new ground as an actress. She is expected to appear in more major films in the future, and she is very much looking forward to it.

Her relationship of trust with Ichimura and the growth of her child support the fulfillment of her work. The new “image” of a couple that is not bound by stereotypes is sure to inspire many people.

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