Erika Toda’s “Kissing Face in a Black Sleeveless Dress” Delights Fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Toda’s “Kissing Face in a Black Sleeveless Dress” Delights Fans!

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Erika Toda at a cosmetics PR event

Actress Erika Toda’s “kissing face in a black sleeveless dress” on her Instagram account is getting a lot of attention. 782,000 views.

Toda is wearing a black dress with a large opening at the chest and back. In what appears to be a commercial for cosmetics, she strikes various poses while holding a product. She holds her hands like a bowl, puts her chin on them, and makes a kissing face with her mouth closed. In addition to this, she repeatedly made lustful movements that kept the fans glued to their seats.

Toda is holding a Lancôme lotion. In fact, Toda was chosen as the first Japanese Lancôme muse in 2018. The Lancôme Muse is a shining woman who embodies the brand’s worldview, and will be featured in videos, visuals, and appearances at events organized by Lancôme.

While people in their early twenties are usually chosen, Toda’s selection was unusual. At the time, Lancôme stated that the reason for the selection was that “Toda’s shining image as an independent woman who cherishes her career as an actress as well as her private life makes her an ideal candidate for the role of Lancôme Muse.

Toda also said at the time, “I am truly honored to be chosen as the Lancome Muse. It is a great honor to be chosen as the Lancôme Muse, and to be able to serve as a bridge to help women shine into the future is a moment that makes me very happy to be doing this job. I would like to work to make Lancôme more accessible to the people of Japan,” she commented. True to her words, Toda has been frequently releasing videos related to Lancôme on her Instagram account, earning hundreds of thousands of views each time.

Now, Toda’s appearance in the NTV drama series “Hakodome – Tatakau! The average household rating for the fifth episode was 1.0. The average household rating for the fifth episode was 12.5% (Kanto area, according to Video Research), and the sixth episode is also maintaining a high rating of 11.1%. Toda’s “too beautiful appearance as a police officer” has also won the hearts of fans.

We can’t take our eyes off this Japanese national actress who is attracting attention from all over the world!

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