Erika Toda celebrates the birth of her first child with her husband, Momori Matsuzaka, who is “overjoyed” with the “Eva date” photo taken by this magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Toda celebrates the birth of her first child with her husband, Momori Matsuzaka, who is “overjoyed” with the “Eva date” photo taken by this magazine.

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White Day, three months after the announcement of their marriage. They were at a multiplex watching “Shin Evangelion

I am happy to announce the birth of our first child. Both mother and child are healthy.”

On April 4, Erika Toda (34) reported the birth of her first child on her agency’s official website and SNS. Toda continued,

I am spending my days being moved by the sight of this new life. I am truly grateful for the support and warmth of the many people who have always supported me and the people involved. I look forward to your continued support.”

She expressed her gratitude. At the same time, her husband, Momori Matsuzaka (34), also updated his Twitter page. The birth of their first child,

“I am overjoyed beyond measure,” she said.

He also expressed his gratitude for the birth of their first child, saying

I hope that we can share and support each other through the many firsts that this child will give us. I look forward to your continued support.

The couple married in December 2008.

The couple announced their marriage in December 2008. Three months later, on White Day, this magazine captured a rare private shot of the couple enjoying a date at a multiplex. A passenger car driven by Toda with Matsuzaka in the passenger seat was spotted in a residential area in Nerima Ward. After parking the car, the two headed for a multiplex. Toda hugged Matsuzaka’s back and remained snuggled up to her while Matsuzaka bought a ticket for the movie “Shin Evangelion,” which was now in theaters, from an automatic ticket vending machine. When Matsuzaka bought popcorn and drinks and carried them to the next location, Toda walked with her back to follow Matsuzaka. Although Toda usually has a strong, strong-willed image, it was refreshing to see that Matsuzaka seemed to be taking the lead in her personal life. The two had been having a good time in their personal and professional lives, but in October of ’21, Toda and Matsuzaka were seen together again,

“In October ’21, Toda dropped out of a movie and the drama series for the season ending in April ’22 one after the other due to poor health, and there was a wave of concern. Some said it was because her role as a mother in the movie “Motherhood,” released in November of the same year, had become quite a burden. Toda herself said, “It was by far the most difficult role I have ever played. Shortly after that, filming for the comedy drama “Hakozume” (NTV) began, and it seems that she was in a very difficult state both mentally and physically. I heard that after the filming of “Hakozume” was over, he decided to take a leave of absence.

(A source close to the wide media) There were some reports that Toda would return to work on a drama series in the January season of this year, but she did not return until now because she announced her pregnancy with her first child shortly before the drama. At the stage greeting for “Motherhood,

Toda said, “I would like to build a peaceful family with a relaxed atmosphere so that we can spend our days with smiles on our faces.”

Toda said. She is currently in good health with both mother and child, and her fans can breathe a sigh of relief at this news. We can only hope that she will be able to spend her time with her child in a relaxed and peaceful manner to her heart’s content.

Toda was driving the car, but it was Matsuzaka who bought the tickets and the drinks, and Toda was walking along behind Matsuzaka, snuggled up behind him!
They parked the car in a parking lot in a residential area and headed for the movie theater. With this much disguise, no one notices the two of them.
Even if they hide their faces, they can’t hide their beauty
Mei Nagano Mei Nagano & Erika Toda in the movie “Motherhood” A selfie shot of them smiling on the red carpet!
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