Sexy Zone Katsutoshi Sato’s secret love with a diva 6 years older than him at a luxury townhouse. | FRIDAY DIGITAL
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Sexy Zone Katsutoshi Sato’s secret love with a diva 6 years older than him at a luxury townhouse.

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In January of this year, Sato returned home after recording a regular program. In his right hand, he was carrying a paper bag from a sweets store and an ice-cold bag.

About three months ago now, the fall school festival season was underway at the university. The city pop band “Awesome City Club” (“ACC”) got their big break in 2009 with a song in the movie “Hanabutsuwanae koi no ita” (“Love Like a Bouquet”), and later that year they also participated in the NHK “Kohaku Uta Gassen” (“Red and White Singing Contest”). They, too, were on their way to a university for a school festival live performance.

After the concert was over at around 6 p.m., the car carrying the group headed for Tokyo. A pick-up truck drove the members to their homes one by one. When the car finally stopped in front of a tower apartment building in a prime location in Tokyo, a woman got out. She was PORIN (32), the vocalist, with blue hair glimpsed through a large hat.

She is currently in the middle of a relationship with “Sexy Zone’s” Shori Sato (26); PORIN lives elsewhere, a short distance from here, but spends most of the week at his house. Once home, she sometimes visits him late at night according to his schedule. It seems that she keeps her luggage in Sato’s room, and even though she is tired after work, she happily goes straight to his house,” said a source in the entertainment industry.

Sato and PORIN met in late May of last year.

It seems that they exchanged contact information when they appeared together on “Music Station” (TV Asahi). They are both dog lovers and indoor people, and since PORIN is Sato’s type, they started dating in the summer.

It was a member of Sekzo that brought the two together.

The group’s Kento Nakajima (28) and Fuka Koshiba (25) starred in a drama in which “ACC” sang the theme song. They performed together in a special program broadcast in mid-September 2009, just before the final episode. Nakajima, who usually listened to “ACC” music, approached him and they became good friends. Nakajima then visited “ACC” on their live tour last spring. Nakajima must have wanted them to provide music for them. I think it was also because of Nakajima’s friendship with PORIN that Sato and her met” (TV station insider).

In the past, “ACC” has provided songs to “King & Prince” and they are also friends who work with Johnny’s. Both of them wear hats and masks when they go in and out of their homes to protect themselves from the elements.

PORIN has not told the other members of “ACC” about his relationship with Sato. However, he has not been able to hide the fact that he went to Sato’s house in a cab while carpooling with his workmates.

PORIN was at an exhibition for her apparel brand, and we spoke directly with her, who is having smooth sailing in both her work and private life.

–I’m sorry to interrupt your busy schedule. Can you tell us about your relationship with Katsutoshi Sato?

Can you tell us a little bit about your relationship with Katsutoshi Sato? (Laughs)”

–I have seen you many times at Katsutoshi Sato’s apartment …….

I’ll contact you from my office.

— “Are you not a friend of mine?

“(Smile) Um, …… nothing from me.”

–When did you start dating?

“Not from me, either (laughs).

After saying this, she returned to the exhibition hall. As she left, she even had time to say to the reporter, “Thank you for your hard work in the cold, handsome.

Sato, a “living national treasure with a face,” has been scandal-free for the past 12 years since she joined the company. Having been caught in the rough and tumble of the entertainment world since he was a junior high school student, his sister, who is six years older than him, must be a comforting presence for him to be pampered.

PORIN held a mini live concert at a bookstore in mid-November last year, and went to Sato’s apartment at 1:30 a.m. after the concert.
In a variety show broadcast in 2009, Sato said that his type of woman is “a woman with a baby face.
We directly interviewed him in front of the exhibition hall of PORIN’s apparel brand. He was puzzled, but after taking a breath, he calmly agreed to be interviewed.
Sexy Zone’s Katsutoshi Sato and the popular “diva” are in love in a luxury townhouse.
Sexy Zone Katsutoshi Sato and the popular “diva” are in love in a luxury townhouse.
Never-before-published photos of Sexy Zone Katsutoshi Sato and a popular “diva” in a luxury townhouse.
Sexy Zone Katsutoshi Sato and the popular “diva” are in love in a luxury townhouse.

From the February 10, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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