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Celebrate marriage! Ayaka Hironaka, Wakuda, Kushiro… Announcer “Happy with Boyfriend” Photo

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Announcer Hironaka hurrying through the streets of Roppongi. She had never wanted to be a female announcer, so when she was at Keio University, she turned down an invitation to enter a beauty contest.

I have a personal announcement. Yes, jan-jan-jan-jan-jan-jan-jan-jan-jan-jan-jan.”

TV Asahi’s Ayaka Hironaka, 31, made the sudden announcement on the October 3 broadcast of her regular variety show, “I brought Gekirea-san. She wrote “I got married” in her hand.

In her hand was a white board with the words “I got married. Masayasu Wakabayashi of the comedy duo Audrey, who co-hosted the show, said, “Wait! I can’t understand what’s going on. I thought it was an announcement, but it’s ……,” he said, bewildered. Announcer Hironaka replied with a nonplussed look, “I’m sorry, it’s really an announcement that I got married. It’s an announcement that I got married.

The man is Shogo Okada, 31, the president of a venture company. In an internal e-mail to the company, Hironaka wrote, ‘He’s from Osaka and speaks in a very cheerful Kansai dialect. Okada-san is an up-and-coming young businessman who founded an English coaching service company in 2004 and achieved sales of 1.7 billion yen in three years. He has assets of about 1.7 billion yen, including his own and his asset management company’s holdings.

He is so passionate that he says in private, “My dream is to eliminate the number of people who cannot speak English. I hear that he brings his computer to the counter of a bar and works while drinking. He is a man of action and never lies in his words. He seems to be a man with ambition but no evil intentions.” (TV Asahi employee)

For Anna Hironaka, who married a brilliant businessman, this may be the happiest time of her life. FRIDAY” has often witnessed female announcers smiling happily with their partners. We would like to introduce their charms, which cannot be seen on TV, with these treasured photos.

Pure white wedding in the middle of the city center

Anna Wakuda chatting with a friend in front of the after-party venue. The groom next to her, a former relay runner, is a handsome man who looks like actor Hayato Ichihara.

A night in August 2007. In front of a large commercial building in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Mayuko Wakuda, 33, then anchor of NHK’s “News Watch 9,” was dressed in a pure white wedding dress.

On the day of the wedding, Anna Wakuda was married at a luxury hotel in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. The reception ended in the evening, and the after-party was held at a bar lounge in Nihonbashi. Not only at the reception, but also at the after-party, Anna Wakuda showed off her wedding dress. The back of the dress was open, and everyone in attendance exclaimed, “It’s so beautiful! (Wakuda’s acquaintance).

Wakuda’s partner is said to be a “civilian,” but in fact he is a well-known figure in the track and field world.

He was a star athlete in Waseda University’s track and field team. Not only was he famous as one of the most handsome men in the world of ekiden, but he also contributed greatly to Waseda University’s victory in the 2011 Hakone Ekiden (relay race) by competing in a dead heat with Ryuji Kashiwabara of Toyo University, the “God of the Mountain”. After graduating from university, he joined one of the five major trading companies. He met Anna Wakuda through a friend after he entered the workforce,” said an acquaintance of the groom.

The two are the envy of all the elite, and the crowd that attended the ceremony was magnificent.

The groom’s side included a male newscaster from a trading company, a bigwig, and a friend of the groom’s, Mitsunori Uehara, who is also an anchor for “Ohayo Nippon” (Good Morning Japan). The groom’s side was attended by the bigwigs from the trading company and other members of the winning team of the Hakone Ekiden relay race. Yasuyuki Watanabe, who was the coach of the race team when he was a student, was also there.

In front of their partners, the female announcers look happier than they do on TV. Cherish your irreplaceable time!

TV Asahi’s Tsumugi Mitani and her handsome boyfriend eating tamagoyaki together. They enjoyed their date in Tsukiji for dinner and shopping.
Miku Natsume, the wife of Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, follows a little behind him. As you can see, it was an open and relaxed “newlywed walk.
NHK married NHK announcer Maho Kuwako and Yukiyoshi Ozawa’s house was a five-minute drive away. After their date, Ozawa would take her home.
TBS announcer Hiroki Kobayashi and TV Asahi announcer Chiharu Saito, photographed in June 2009.
Fuji Television’s Moemi Kushiro and Harukun and his wife, popular You Tuber “Kita no Uchishitatachi”, walking side by side; photo taken in March 2009.
Her husband gently holds the cab door and escorts NTV’s Noo Iwamoto to the backseat. He was a gentleman from start to finish.
Ayako Kato, a.k.a. Katopan, dressed as a witch at a Halloween event in Odaiba; she married a regular guy in June 2009.
Yumi Nagashima, an analyst, married a senior employee of Fuji Television. She enjoys yakiniku with her father, Akihiro, a former soccer player, in Tokyo, photographed in January 2006.
In September 2004, Yumi Kawada (far left) poses for a commemorative photo with friends in front of an Italian restaurant near Tokyo Station, where she announced her marriage in October 2007.
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