The scarf that wraps the violin is Hermes. ……The “sense of beauty and commitment” of the woman Yuzuru Hanyu married. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The scarf that wraps the violin is Hermes. ……The “sense of beauty and commitment” of the woman Yuzuru Hanyu married.

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Yuzuru Hanyu announces his surprise marriage

On August 4, professional figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu (28) suddenly announced his marriage on his official SNS. There was no mention of his marriage partner, and at one point the name Mayu Watanabe (29), a.k.a. “Mayuyu” from the former AKB48, was also mentioned. It turns out that Mayuko Suenobu, 36, a former violinist who graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music, which has produced violinist Chisako Takashima, 55, and other violinists, is now married to Mayuko. A friend speaks on condition of anonymity.

I heard that she respected her father and was raised by him to be a chic woman. Her motto is ‘Be a chic woman. She was particular about the cloth she used to wrap her violin in a Hermes scarf. It seemed to be her favorite scarf with a violin pattern.
 She had a high sense of beauty and paid attention to fashion on a daily basis, wearing heels of about 15 cm, thick-soled shoes, and with that look, she attracted a lot of attention just by walking down the street.

Mayuko is known for her passionate performances that make her long hair swing, and she has performed with musicians such as Eikichi Yazawa and YOSHIKI. She has a history of appearing in commercials for Kataoka Bussan’s “Mon Cafe Caffeinated Coffee.

In figure skating, she was selected as a promotional artist for the 2012 All-Japan, Four Continents, and World Championships; in 2019, at age 32, she performed with Hanyu in “Fantasy on Ice,” and it appears that their relationship began, but was never leaked to the outside world.

Hanyu, who hates questions about anything other than skating and rarely talks about his family, is also a cry for reporters, so his marriage was a surprise to them.

The identity of Mrs. Hanyu was discovered through an unexpected medium.

Mayuko Suenobu married Yuzuru Hanyu. “Mayu-chan is amazing,” “Be happy!

The Nikkan Shin Shunan Shimbun (September 19), a regional newspaper for Shunan, Kudamatsu, and Hikari cities in Yamaguchi Prefecture, reported this with a photo of Mayuko wearing a red jacket and black stiletto heel boots.

Mayuko’s family is the founding family of Suenobu Construction in Hikari City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, a well-established construction company with a history of over 100 years. When Mayuko’s father, Kosho, passed away in 2012, Abe visited the Suenobu family in Hikari City to offer his condolences on December 22, 2012, in between visits to the graves of his father, Shintaro, in the morning and his grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi, in the afternoon. I believe that their relationship was not a shallow one, as the condolence visit took place at a busy time, just after the LDP, then the opposition party, had won a landslide victory in the Lower House election six days earlier and wrested power back from the DPJ (then the ruling Democratic Party of Japan).

The September 19 edition of the Nikkan Shin Shunan, a daily newspaper reporting on Mayuko Suenobu’s marriage to Yuzuru Hanyu (partially doctored)

In 2011, the name “Mitsusho Suenobu” was found in the political fund balance report of the electoral district branch of which Mr. Abe is the branch head. According to the Center for Political Funds, a public interest incorporated foundation, he made annual donations as “Suenobu Construction” until ’21, contributing approximately 3 million yen. When we called Mrs. Akie’s cell phone to inquire about the connection between the Abe family and the Suenobu family and Mayuko’s character, we were unable to reach her.

It seems that Mayuko had been putting her affairs in order in preparation for her marriage in August.

Hanyu continues to be active around the world as a professional figure skater. Figure skating is a delicate sport, and weight gain or loss affects his jumps. Many skaters keep a balanced diet of staple foods, main dishes, side dishes, dairy products, and fruits, and keep a record of their weight by getting on a scale every day. The aforementioned friend of mine tells me this.

Her late father liked to drink and smoke, which she believes shortened her life, and she does not like to smoke or drink.
 She also has an old-fashioned side. She writes thank-you notes in her own handwriting when she is indebted to someone. She has a high sense of beauty and may be a good match for the stoic Mr. Hanyu.

Hanyu married a “chic woman. We sincerely hope that this couple with their high sense of beauty will be happy together for a long time to come.

  • Interview and text by Daisuke Iwasaki PHOTO Afro (1st photo)

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