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Playback ’04] Ryoko Hirosue’s “New Wife’s Expression” at the Wedding Ceremony Completely Shut Out by the Press

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The two were greeting attendees at the entrance to the after-party venue. Hirosue’s smile is dazzling (February 6, ’04 issue).

What did “FRIDAY” report 10, 20, and 30 years ago? In “Playback Friday,” we take a look back at the topics that were hot at the time. This time, we bring you the “Ryoko Hirosue’s ‘Pure White Wedding’ Scoop” from the February 6, 2004 issue, which was published 20 years ago.

On January 17, 2004, Ryoko Hirosue, then 23, surprised the public by announcing her marriage and pregnancy at an emergency press conference held on December 15 of the previous year, and her “secret wedding” was held at a small wedding hall in Ginza, Tokyo, with 40 people in attendance, mostly her family members.

The “secret wedding” was held on January 17 at a small wedding hall in Ginza, Tokyo, with 40 guests in attendance, mostly family members.

The article reports that the mood at the ceremony was quite tense.

On this day when the wind was blowing and flowers were dancing. Nearly 80 members of the press gathered under the cold weather after hearing the news of the wedding at Hirosue. The mood at the site was tense to the point of excess, despite the wedding.

At 2:45 p.m., a one-box car appeared, and inside appeared Hirosue and her groom, Takahiro Okazawa (then 28), wearing a hooded coat. The press crowded in to see the couple, and to the surprise of everyone involved, a black cloth was spread out to hide them from the press. At 4:30 p.m., the wedding ceremony began with the press completely shut out.

The ceremony proceeded without a hitch, despite the press waiting outside. The exchange of rings and kissing of vows took place, and the reception began after 5:00 pm. The food was prepared by French Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai, and there was no entertainment.

The after-party started after 7:00 pm. Looking up through the curtains at the shadows of people coming and going and the lively, happy atmosphere, the press had no choice but to warm themselves with canned coffee and disposable body warmers under the cold weather.

The article described the after-party that was taking place at that time, with the following testimony from one of the attendees.

“About 100 people gathered at the venue of the after-party. It started at the café and the attendees were chatting and laughing with champagne in their hands when the two appeared to music. Hirosue was wearing the same wedding dress as during the ceremony, but she was very frank with a smile on her face. The groom first greeted the couple by saying, “The three of us will do our best with our unborn child.” This was followed by speeches by a friend of the groom’s and a friend from high school on the bride’s side. A toast was given by Mr. Takashi Kumagai, a stylist.

The party then moved to the main dining room for a standing buffet. The base menu was French, with a sushi and roast beef counter, which was delicious. After the meal, a cake was served. There was a scene where Okazawa made Hirosue eat the cake with an ‘ah-ha’ gesture, and the audience was excited.”

For her color change, Hirosue wore a black one-piece dress with a silver shawl.

I could see her stomach was fuller. Her shoes were low heels. She was very careful about her husband, and seemed to be trying to make him look good. But after the show, she looked exhausted. She was still smiling, though. …… But it was a nice, cozy ceremony, not unlike a celebrity wedding.

While the press was shivering for more than half a day under the cold weather, this heartwarming scene was unfolding inside.

The after-party ended after 10 pm. When it was finally time for the press to get to work, the bride and groom got into a luxury sedan through the service entrance and escaped, pretending to get into a one-box car attached to the front entrance. The bride and groom escaped by getting into a luxury sedan through the service entrance, pretending to get into a one-box car attached to the front entrance. Meanwhile, the press who chased after her in cars and other vehicles also dropped out one after another in the fierce car chase with the luxury sedan, which was not supposed to be carrying a six-month pregnant woman.

The car arrived at a luxury hotel in Shinjuku. Guarded by the driver, the bride and groom quickly got out of the car. The bride and groom quickly disembarked from the car while the driver guarded them. The two then disappeared into the guest room elevator, cuddling together in a sweet mood. They must have spent their “first night as newlyweds” together, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the world for a while.

However, as you know, Hirosue and Okazawa divorced in 2008. When she remarried Candle Jun in 2010, they did not hold a wedding ceremony or reception. Will we see Hirosue in her wedding dress again for the “third time”?

Hirosue quickly gets out of the car and waits for Okazawa in the shadows (unpublished cut from the February 6, ’04 issue).
Okazawa then follows after Hirosue. There were several guests around them, but they were so quick that no one noticed them.
While Okazawa is checking in, Hirosue waits alone. Again, none of the guests noticed them.
After checking in, they took the elevator to their rooms (February 6, 2004 issue).
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