Maki Nishiyama and martial artist Koji are in a close relationship, and they kiss passionately on the street after having dinner with their children. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Maki Nishiyama and martial artist Koji are in a close relationship, and they kiss passionately on the street after having dinner with their children.

After her divorce from Taichi Saotome (30), she raised two children as a single mother and is active as a "mamatare." The day before, Koji met another beautiful woman at a gas station. ......

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A glazed-over Nishiyama grabs Koji’s arm and “clinches” with him while kissing him on the street! The unexpected attack made Koji’s eyes swim!

One night in September, as autumn rain drizzled down.

A group of five adults and two children were enjoying themselves at a popular monja-yaki restaurant in Tokyo. The restaurant’s windows were so large that they were in full view from outside. Passersby stopped to look and saw a slender, beautiful woman. It was Maki Nishiyama, 36, a former “CanCam” model.

After having affairs with former “KAT-TUN” member Jin Akanishi (38) and others, Nishiyama married Taichi Saotome (30), a star of popular theater, in 2001. The marriage did not end well, and they divorced in 1919.

Perhaps because their children were young, this magazine saw him with Saotome for a while after the divorce, but it seems that he has come to an end in his life, and he has been actively sharing his happy life with his daughters, who are now in elementary school and kindergarten, and his beloved Cherokee on social networking sites. She has been actively sharing her life with her daughters, who are now in elementary school and kindergarten, and her beloved Cherokee on SNS. She has established herself as a “cool mamatare,” and her media exposure is increasing.

Shortly after 1:00 am, a little kid came running out of the store. It appears to be Nishiyama’s eldest daughter. A macho man appears next. The third one is Nishiyama, who is very unsteady on his feet. He staggered up to the macho man, and their lips met.

A few moments later, as his drinking companions came out of the bar, Nishiyama quickly stepped backwards to get away from them.

At that moment, the macho man’s face was illuminated by the streetlight. In the darkness, the face of Koji (33), a fantasista in the world of fighting, appeared.

This magazine has reported on Koji’s cohabitation with the beautiful professional golfer Rikako Morita (32) and his secret hotel meetings with Ai Aoki (37), a former representative of Japan’s artistic swimming team. Is the self-proclaimed “I’m so popular, I can’t get enough of it” man expanding his field of activity into the entertainment world?

Nishiyama appeared as a play-by-play navigator in the K-1 tournament in 2010. Nishiyama is known as a martial arts enthusiast, having appeared as a play-by-play navigator for K-1 in 2010 and even challenging himself to boxing on his YouTube channel. In August, Nishiyama went on a trip to Wakayama and stayed at a luxury hotel. In August, they went on a trip to Wakayama and stayed at a luxury hotel, where they saw pandas at “Adventure World.

If he has a celebrity as a chauffeur, his popularity will be enhanced. When this magazine went to visit Koji to congratulate him, however, it was met with an unexpected sight. The day before their street kiss in front of a monja-yaki restaurant, Koji had kissed another beautiful woman. Moreover, at a gas station …….

We directly interviewed Koji.

–You are dating Mr. Nishiyama, aren’t you?

Friday? What’s up again?”

–I heard you took a trip to Wakayama.

“With Maki’s kids and all my friends. We went to see pandas with a lot of people. I met Maki last year through a friend of mine, and we’ve been friends as a family ever since. She even came to the “RIZIN” match with her mother and son to cheer me on. I have a lot of respect for him as a person.

–On the day of the monja-yaki, did you and Nishiyama kiss?

Aah? That day we got together with the members from the Wakayama trip and had a lot of fun. Maki was also a bit tipsy, so I guess I gave her a kiss as if I was saying “thanks for today” to her, like an American greeting (laughs).

–(Laughs) – Nishiyama-san’s child seems to have taken to him quite well.

He’s a very nice boy, very cute. I’m the Don Juan of the martial arts world, …… but I think it’s time to stop acting like one.

–He was kissing another beautiful woman.

I’m a ‘martial arts Don Juan,’ but I’m thinking it’s time for me to stop being so uptight. But I’ll tell you this. I will always make the women I decide to do this with happy! I’ll announce it soon. I’ll report it to Friday first. I’m sorry I’ve been living my life on instinct! I mean, I know you like women, so just leave me alone (laughs).

When asked who was his true love, he did not answer. I’m so popular!” He left with a high laugh. For now, I look forward to the upcoming announcement.

After the roadside chat, Nishiyama hails a cab for his friends. After seeing them all off, the children and Koji’s car took him to his apartment.
The monja-yaki restaurant the group used was in full view of the interior. A passerby comes back and looks at Nishiyama twice.
Nishiyama and the children were seated with Koji between them. The atmosphere was like a family dinner, with the children patting each other on the head and joking with each other.
On September 1, after checking out of a luxury hotel in Wakayama, Koji and Nishiyama headed home in a Rolls Royce. He was holding the child in his arms the whole time,” said a guest who was there.
He admitted that he and Nishiyama were intimate, but he was vague about who was his true love, saying, “I’m so popular with the girls…” and “I’m a Don Juan of the martial arts world.
The day before he kissed Nishiyama, he kissed a beautiful woman at a gas station in Tokyo. By the way, she is a regular person.

From the September 30 and October 7, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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