May J., Kaela, Moritaka… Female artists’ passionate love “happy moment”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

May J., Kaela, Moritaka… Female artists’ passionate love “happy moment”.

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May J. and Shogen arm in arm under a shared umbrella; photo taken in June 2002.

Announcing her marriage on June 20, the same day as her partner’s birthday, is May J. (34), who got her breakthrough with the theme song for the hit movie “The Snow Queen. Her partner is Shogen (44), a wild actor 10 years older than her. On her Instagram page, she wrote the following along with a report of her marriage.

I will continue to face music and make daily efforts to grow as a person of expression.

The two are both international artists who perform on the world stage.

May J., whose mother is from Iran, grew up in a multilingual family, and her English is as good as her native tongue. She attended the American School in Japan, where Thelma Aoyama is one year her senior and Hikaru Utada is five years her senior.

Shogenmo trained in New York to step up as an actor. He is also active as a model in Europe. He has traveled to more than 40 countries as a backpacker.

FRIDAY” spotted May J. and Shogen on a “hand-holding date” in June 2002. May J. is not the only female artist caught in the moment of happiness. Kaela Kimura (37), Chisato Moritaka (53), Ayumi Hamasaki (43), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (29), Takako Uehara (39), and Harumi Miyako (74) ……. We would like to introduce their happy aura with their treasured photos.

The truth behind the reports of their discord

Eita and Kaela at Shota Matsuda and Kozue Akimoto’s wedding in September 2006.

On May 8, “Mother’s Day,” Kaela Kimura updated her Instagram. With the comment, “Yes, this is my mom,” she showed a picture of her mom that she received from her 8-year-old daughter. The drawing was of an Ultraman-like figure ……. Kaela also wrote, “Hello, I’m your mother.

I like the line “Hello, I’m Mama. I should have told him in advance that if he was going to be Ultraman, there would be an Ultraman mother too. I’m glad. Thank you.

Kaela and her husband, Eita Nagayama (39), have another son, 11, and together they attended a field day at an elementary school in Tokyo in May.

Eita’s absence from Kaela’s birthday party last November led to reports in women’s weekly magazines and other media that the couple were not getting along. Eita quickly responded on his SNS. He wrote, “I won’t forgive anyone who makes fun of my wife.

In fact, the two are on good terms. The couple is often seen going to art museums together, and Eita announces Kaela’s live streaming events on his Instagram. Sometimes they have big fights. ……” (an employee of a major record company)

While they are busy with their musical activities, these female artists are nurturing their love. Their beautiful voices may be the result of their fulfilling lives.

Yosuke Eguchi and Chisato Moritaka married in June 1999.
Ayumi Hamasaki and her boyfriend Mr. P on a daytime date in June 2007
August 2008, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and younger actor Shono Hayama on a nighttime walking date
Mr. Kou Kazuya and Takako Uehara, who used to be Dragon Takayama of the comedy group Choshinjuku, photographed in May 2005.
May J. and Shogen on a hand-holding date, photographed in June 2002.
Harumi Miyako and Shigeru Yazaki. They are like a married couple who have been together for many years.
  • Photographed by Takao Kawakami, Takero Yuzoku, Sota Shima, Toshikatsu Tanaka

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