Takako Uehara’s “infatuated personality,” as an agency official once described her, “fell for her right away even after meeting her for the first time. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Takako Uehara’s “infatuated personality,” as an agency official once described her, “fell for her right away even after meeting her for the first time.

Making the members wait outside the room: ......

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Ryoko Hirosue (43), whose husband Candle Jun (49) even exposed her past affair with popular chef Shusaku Toba (45) following reports of her affair with him.

Seeing Hirosue like this reminded me of Saki Takaoka (50). Her husband, Naoki Hosaka (55), was furious at a press conference after being caught on Friday kissing guitarist Torayasu Hotei (61). She called her affair with Takaoka “playing with fire,” and Hotei said, “I can’t tolerate this humiliation of calling it ‘playing with fire’ after I’ve been so cavalier about it. I’m the one who was sold a fight. Depending on how the other party responds, I will deal with them in a proper manner through my lawyer. Another wife, Yuki Saito (56), who regretted that she had not learned her lesson, held a total of three press conferences apologizing for her adultery.

Although she is a little less controversial than these three, former “SPEED” member Takako Uehara (40), who has now been reported for the second time for alleged infidelity, may be following in their footsteps. According to a report in Bunshun Online, Uehara had an intimate relationship with a younger man, and when her husband found out about it, he hit her on the head, and she reported the damage to the police.

With her current husband. Takako Uehara, whose colorful love life has been covered many times (photo taken in 2017).

It was 1996 when she made her debut as “SPEED” with Hiroko Shimabukuro (39), Eriko Imai (39), and Hitoe Aragaki (42) with “Body & Soul. Their outstanding singing and dancing skills, combined with the fact that their average age at the time was only 13.5 years old, made the group take the world by storm. Girls of the same age tried hard to imitate their street fashion.

However, the group announced its dissolution after four years of activity. The reason was rumored to be Shimabuku’s three-year relationship with Johnny’s Jr. When Shimabukuro was told by his agency to break up with him, he vehemently protested. There were reports that Shimabukuro told them that she would quit the agency and live with him in Okinawa, and that she would take care of him.

This incident has led many to believe that Shimabukuro is the most precocious and romantically uninhibited member of the group. …… In fact, it was Uehara that the office staff was more “worried” about than Shimabukuro.

The twin vocalists of SPEED, Shimabukuro and Imai, were the most conspicuous, while Niigaki and Uehara, the leader of the group, were more like back chorus members and back dancers, and were often out of the spotlight.

However, Uehara was the one who was talked about from the beginning by male comedians who said, “There is one extremely cute girl. Especially Takashi Okamura, 53, of “Ninety-Nine,” was everywhere stressing Uehara’s beauty.

One unforgettable story is that Nie was made to stand in the hallway of the dormitory,” the broadcaster recalls.

The story is that when SPEED came to Tokyo, she was in elementary and junior high school. We couldn’t let them live alone, so Hiroko and Eriko shared one room. Hiroko and Eriko lived in one room, and Nie and Takako lived in the other room.

However, a man often visited Takako’s place. …… During these visits, she had no choice but to go out into the hallway and stand there.

The most active member of the group was neither Shimabukuro nor Imai, who was later reported to have had an affair with a married former city councilor, Ken Hashimoto, but Uehara.

After SPEED broke up, Uehara became a successful actress because of her good looks. This is why Uehara was seen in the media much more often than Shimabukuro and Imai, who could have competed with their singing ability, and Niigaki, who studied abroad and started her career as an artist. Uehara was the heroine or main cast member in dramas, movies, and stage productions, including musicals, and was irresistible to male cast members everywhere she went.

A staff member working on the production of one of the dramas said, “It seems that more often than not, Takako was the one initiating the advances, rather than the other party hitting on her.

Uehara, who was selling well as an actress, often appeared on variety shows to promote her work. Then an “incident” occurred.

It was a well-known story among drama producers that Takako was a woman in love. One day, for the promotion of a drama series in which I was involved, we decided to film a variety talk show with Takako as the main character, surrounded by handsome actors, male models, and comedians who were almost new to the scene.

But when the manager at the time saw the seating chart, he turned to me in a panic and said, ‘Can’t you do something about this? (A drama staff member mentioned above).

As I was wondering what was going on, he offered to change my seat. The manager’s “request” was quite unusual.

He said, ” Takako likes men easily even when she meets them for the first time, so please don’t put young actors or TV personalities next to her…. I was stunned for a while because I did not understand what he was saying.

So, rather than being an “adulteress,” Takako Uehara is truly a “lovesick woman. The men who really loved her were not happy. ……

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