Suspect Organizing Multiple Orgies Arrested, Reports of Forcing High School Girls to Wear Weird Outfit in Orgies | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suspect Organizing Multiple Orgies Arrested, Reports of Forcing High School Girls to Wear Weird Outfit in Orgies

Collected 25,000 yen per person as membership fee. In the past, he was arrested for investment fraud. ......

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“I held 50 to 60 orgies.”

Kanagawa Prefectural Police arrested nine people, including organizer Ryota Takahashi, 31, and guest Naoki Sawada, 29, a junior high school teacher, on suspicion of violating the Child Welfare Law by June 16 for forcing a female high school senior to participate in an orgy. The suspects are suspected of calling a then 17-year-old high school girl to a hotel in Minato Ward around May 2008, preventing her from leaving the room, and forcing her to have physical relations with several men. He also allegedly conspired with male guests to film the sexual acts with a digital camera. Although Takahashi denies some of the charges, saying that he did not force her, he admits to having organized the orgy.

Takahashi recruited customers by uploading videos of sexual acts with women on SNS, and received 25,000 yen per person as a membership fee. The parties had been held regularly for three years.

The incident came to light last February when the Kanagawa Prefectural Police received a tip that a high school girl was having an orgy. When the prefectural police identified the women who had participated in the party, the suspect Takahashi emerged. Upon questioning, the woman stated that she had been forced to participate in orgies on three previous occasions. Uniforms, maid uniforms, extreme underwear, and adult toys were found at the participants’ affiliated places. All the membership fees were managed by Takahashi, and none of them were given to the women.

In fact, this is not the first time that Takahashi has been arrested. In October 2020, Kagoshima Prefectural Police arrested him for violating the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law for soliciting large investments without registration in the financial instruments business.

‘In the four months from December ’17 to March ’18, he solicited investments in virtual currency and raked in a total of 25 million yen from four people. Although he seemed to have made a profit for a while, he eventually lost contact with them without returning even the principal amount. The situation came to light when one of the investors reported it to the authorities.

The arrest of Takahashi follows his arrest for investment fraud. How will the investigation develop in the future? Taihei Ogawa, a longtime Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective and now a crime journalist, explains.

If he had held several orgies over the past three years, he may have more victims and not only the former high school girl. I think the investigation will proceed to see if there are any additional crimes. Also, the flow of money will be thoroughly investigated. There is also the possibility that he had relations with antisocial forces. He also has a criminal record, and I think there is a strong possibility that other extra charges will come to light.

People are waiting for a full investigation as soon as possible.

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