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Why Golden Bomber Jun Utahiroba is out and Sho Kiryuin is safe

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Golden Bomber has had a string of ugly stories come out. Jun Utahiroba (left), who was reported to be having an affair, and Sho Kiryuin (second from right), who was allegedly two-timing in September this year.

Jun Utahiroba of the four-member air band Golden Bomber has been found to be having an “illicit affair.

According to the Shukan Bunshun, he had an affair with a woman in her 20s whom he met in January last year, and found out she was pregnant in February this year. At first, Utahiroba sent messages such as “I’m your lover and you’re my father! At first, he sent her messages such as “I’m your lover and you’re my dad!” but later changed his attitude, saying “I can’t recognize you. The woman’s water broke when she was 14 weeks pregnant, forcing her to have an abortion, and she underwent surgery.

The woman was forced to choose abortion and underwent surgery.

There was a lot of criticism of her behavior on the Internet.

This is terrible.
《This is terrible》 《Don’t like it》
“He sees women as objects.

I don’t know what to say. On the 10th, when Bunshun Online reported the incident, Utahiroba wrote on her blog under the title “To all of my supporters.

I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart that my inappropriate behavior caused a lot of people discomfort and inconvenience.

He apologized. He continued

As Jun Utahiroba of Golden Bomber, I believe that damaging what I have built with the members, fans, and everyone involved is not a problem that can be forgiven with an apology.

I am truly sorry that I have betrayed my feelings by showing such immaturity to the fans and people who have supported me from day to day, and I have decided to refrain from my activities.

I have decided to refrain from my activities.

Utahiroba got married in 2004, had her first daughter in 2007, and her first son in August this year.

In refraining from activities, as a person with a family, I am ashamed of my behavior that went against the rules and ethics of society, and I deeply regret it, and I intend to look at myself again. I sincerely apologize for my behavior.

However, one music industry insider wrote

However, one musician said, “Our image is ruined. It’s an air band, so it can be replaced. I’ve been watching the reaction of the public and the fans, and there is a possibility that they will leave the group.

He said.

Speaking of Golden Bomber, their leader, Sho Kiryuin, also had a scandal reported by Bunshun in September. Just as he was about to get married to an ordinary woman, it was discovered that he had another “lover” of 10 years. On his blog, Kiryuin wrote

It’s true that I have a female friend who I’ve been friends with for 10 years. The last time we met was in March, and at that time I told her that I was planning to get married. I’m very sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way.

I explained the situation.

Even so, there was no punishment within the group, and on the 19th of the same month, in the Nico Nico Live broadcast “Monthly Golden Bomber,” she imposed seven “punishment games” on herself, including “Kusaya Balloon Bomb” and “Super Spicy Wasabi Sushi. Why is Kiryuin safe?

Why is Kiryuin safe and Utahiroba not? A source close to the group reveals.

“The basic premise is. Kiryuin’s case was based on whether he was having an affair or not. Kiryuin’s story was before he got married, so it doesn’t fall under the category of adultery.

For Utahiroba, it was judged to be malicious because he committed adultery with his wife. The decision was not made by the “bigwigs” at his office, but was the result of a thorough discussion among the members.

He doesn’t say much, but in the case of Kiryuin, he seems to have told those around him that there are some discrepancies in the Bunshun report. The person mentioned above said

In the case of Kiryuin, he seems to have told people around him that there are some discrepancies in the Bunshun report. The source said, “Mr. A was said to be her boyfriend of 10 years, but in reality they were never together. He seems to be aware that it’s been 10 years without a word from either side saying, ‘Let’s go out. After the Bunshun report, the problem between Kiryuin and Mr. A was completely resolved, which was also a factor in the decision not to take action.

And that’s why the punishment was postponed. Even so, fans were shocked by the scandal involving Kiryuin, who was thought to be a “shady character,” and then a new report about Utahiroba, who has a wife and child, having an affair and having an abortion exploded. The members of Kinbaku share a common understanding that this is the biggest crisis of the group, and are said to be apologizing to the companies concerned.

Will there ever be a day when the four of them can resume their activities together?

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