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Miho Kanno: Why she wants to make her first drama series in two and a half years a success

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Will she be able to show her “actress’s determination” by making her first drama series in two and a half years a hit?

Actress Miho Kanno (46), who will star in her first drama series in two and a half years, is attracting a lot of attention for “Yuria Sensei no Akai Ito” (TV Asahi) in the October season. This is because Kanno is believed to have a number of reasons for wanting to make this drama “a success at any cost.

In “Yuria Sensei,” the main character, played by Kanno, an ordinary housewife who runs an embroidery class at home, begins living together with a beautiful young man who claims to be her husband’s “lover” and his “girlfriend” and their two “daughters” after her husband suddenly falls ill. The story is based on the popular manga of the same name. The film is based on a popular manga of the same name, and the interesting script, as well as the current situation in which Kanno is placed as an actress, is likely to make the film even more interesting.

Kanno has been cutting back on major work in recent years in order to raise her two children, an 8-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter, with her husband, actor Masato Sakai, whom she married in 2001. She has not starred in a drama series since the January 2009 season of “My Daughter Can’t Get a Boyfriend! (NTV) in the January 2009 season. (NTV) in January 2009. “My Daughter Can’t Have a Boyfriend” was also her first starring role in a drama series in about four years at the time. However, with the exception of the first episode, the average household rating for the second and subsequent episodes remained in the single digits. Now that she has finished raising her children, Kanno is looking to make her presence felt again as an actress, and this is her “revenge” drama in which she wants to show her ability by scoring double-digit ratings.

When Kanno announced that she would be playing the lead role, she said, “It’s a great honor to be able to play this role at this point in time! I think I’m very lucky. Although expectations are high for her performance, she is also under a lot of pressure because “Yuria Sensei” will be aired in TV Asahi’s “9 p.m. Thursdays in October,” which has been TV Asahi’s signature drama slot in recent years, and has continued to receive high viewer ratings. In particular, this is the time slot where the hit series “Doctor X,” starring Ryoko Yonekura, has been broadcast since 2012 and has recorded phenomenal numbers, with average household viewer ratings of over 20% for the second through fifth seasons (according to Video Research, Kanto region).

Doctor X” was broadcast in the October season every year until 2005, and in the same season every other year since then, but after the seventh season in 2009, it will not be broadcast this year, and “Yuria Sensei” will take over this slot. Therefore, it has been reported in some quarters that Yonekura has withdrawn from the series. TV Asahi’s “Thursday 9 pm” slot for the October season, including “Doctor X” from 2012 and last year’s “The Travel Nurse,” has been averaging double-digit household viewer ratings for the entire period, and since it is the main slot where the company’s future depends on, the expectations and pressure on Kanno are quite high. This is the kind of pitch that cannot be allowed to be a “flop.

She is also hoping to “boost” Sakai, who left the major entertainment agency Tanabe Agency at the end of last year to become a freelance actress, by having her own leading role in a hit movie. The drama series “VIVANT” (TBS), starring Sakai, is airing in the July season and is creating a positive trend.

Sakai’s independence from a powerful agency had some worried about his future as an actor, but with the success of “VIVANT,” he is off to a good start as a freelance actor, and Kanno, as his wife, is probably relieved to hear that. As his wife, she must be eager to take over the baton of “VIVANT” and make a string of starring roles a success through a “husband-wife relay” that spans multiple stations, which is unprecedented in the drama drama series world,” said a sports newspaper desk reporter.

On August 22, the news site “Daily Shincho” reported that the casting of “Yuria Sensei,” in which Kanno plays the lead role, may have been difficult due to “discovery” by Sakai’s former agency. In fact, after “Yuria Sensei” was announced on June 8 as starring Kanno, the co-stars were not announced for a long period of time, and finally on August 30, additional cast members including Takashi Suzuka, Daisho Kido, and Tetsushi Tanaka were revealed to the public.

The Daily Shincho reported that the head of Sakai’s agency, known as the “Don” of the entertainment world, had made a dismissive comment about Sakai’s departure, saying, “I can’t work with him anymore. The report also said that Sugano, who was behind her husband’s independence, was also ”not satisfied ”with her husband’s decision to leave. The report also mentioned the possibility that the announcement of the co-star was delayed because some entertainment agencies were concerned about the “don” and took the stance that they could not cooperate with “Yuria-sensei.

Although the truth of the “discovery allegation” is unknown, it is hard to believe that Kanno, who has a strong competitive spirit, would not be ignited in her professionalism by such adverse news. She has managed to raise a child, support her freelance husband, and take on a main role in a signature drama series. There is a growing sense that she is determined to make a hit at any cost,” said a senior executive at an entertainment company.

In the world of drama productions, it can be said that those who produce results are the ones who win. Will the drama series get off to a successful start and become a social phenomenon following in the footsteps of Sakai?

In recent years, she has been taking on everything from household finances to housework and childcare, and has been cutting back on her work (as of April 2008).
Sakai and Sugano relax on a swing while watching their oldest son at play (August ’18).
Seeing off Yuki Amami after a dinner party the couple attended together (April ’13).
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